Nature and provocation. Spirale Milano opens with the Simone D’Auria exhibition

Simone D’Auria, Photo credits: Massimiliano Braca
There is a new gallery in town. The vast artistic offer of Milano is enriched with a new exhibition space: MILAN SPIRAL | ART & CO.

To inaugurate it is My World, the staff of Simone D’Auria (Bergamo, 1976). For the occasion, the artist has created an installation capable of developing on all the different levels that make up the gallery. The exhibition presents 60 works taken from some of the author’s most famous cycles.

Starting from the project Spoon, the series of giant spoons (over 150 cm high) that recall Claes Oldenburg. Made of recycled plastic, they become a symbol of the regeneration of polluting materials present in the seas and oceans. With Spoon, D’Auria focuses on the individual’s relationship with the world, on his ability to open up to others.

Spoon’s natural evolution is the creation of the paintings of Mr. Spoon, which on display will occupy an entire wall. A character who comes alive by reinterpreting the masterpieces of art, be they the Dance of Matisse, the Scream of Munch, or paying homage to artists such as Magritte, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and many others.

Simone D’Auria, Spoon, neon, blown glass, 33 × 152 cm

D’Auria’s art is a pop practice and it must be understood that it is not “popular” in its derogatory version “ – clarifies Milovan Ferronato in the catalog, published by Skira -, “but rather a shrewd reinterpretation of the social substratum. The concept of craftsman has been obsolete and of little appeal for many years, but in the last period it has rediscovered, I dare say finally, its coveted recognition. Being artisans of one’s own works, as it is in the case of D’Auria, means knowing the plastic value of the material, taking care of it in order to shape it. In short, it means being a sculptor”.

The theme of the defense of nature is very present in D’Auria’s works. In collaboration with the Zoological Wildlife Foundation of Miami he made some animals, such as tigers, chimpanzees, interact with some of his sculptures such as Tank O WOW, made to raise awareness of the protection of animal species in danger of extinction. It’s still: Shark is a shark biting into a globe representing the earth, Moby sbang a stylized whale with mirrored surfaces.

In the series Fuck-Tank D’Auria creates small ceramic tanks, whose unconventional shapes become a tool to protect themselves from the daily challenges of existence. The artist’s irreverent spirit also emerges in Sorry Fontana, where a Pinocchio sculpture prays in front of an interpretation of the famous cuts of the Italian-Argentine artist.

During the exhibition, the environments of Spirale Milano are surrounded by the soundtrack of Matteo Rigamonti, musician, producer, sound engineer and DJ.

Simone D’Auria, Spoon man, Photo credits: Martino Dini
Simone D’Auria, Zoo Project Miami in collaboration with ZWF Miami
Simone D’Auria, Sorry Fontana, acrylic on canvas, 150 × 100 cm


Milan, Spirale Milano | Art & amp; Co (via Moneta 6)
November 18, 2021 – January 30, 2022
Free admission exclusively for people with a COVID-19 green pass
Timetables: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 15.00 to 19.30

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