Missing basketball player Bianchi tells of his 48-hour escape

Missing basketball player Bianchi tells of his 48-hour escape
Missing basketball player Bianchi tells of his 48-hour escape

AGI – Two days spent in Milan in the company of a friend of French origin. Then the decision to put an end to the flight that had caused anxiety to family members, teammates and friends, and, tonight, the return home.

Thus he reconstructed Sebastiano Bianchi in front of the Carabinieri of Verbania who heard him this afternoon, the events of the last 48 hours, since, on Monday night, he announced to his mother that he had decided to spend the night in Legnano, where he plays in the local team of Serie B basketball, in view of a training session scheduled for the following morning. Then there was no trace of Sebastiano.

His car was found, unlocked and with the keys inserted in the dashboard, and his cell phone on the seat with the phonebook and chats deleted. The searches started immediately: an extreme gesture was feared, and for this reason we began to search the waters of the lake, right in front of the place where the young basketball player’s white BMW was found.

Sebastiano told the Carabinieri that with the passing of the hours he realized how much his escape was creating agitation and how many people were busy looking for him. It would have been the friend to shake him and put him in front of reality, eventually convincing him to go home.

For today the research was ready to start again, both in the water and in other directions. According to what has been learned, the Carabinieri, however, already yesterday afternoon were convinced that the suicide thesis did not stand up, and they worked intensely on the images taken by all the cameras present in the area, getting a well-founded idea of ​​how things could have gone.

The boy’s return home in the night interrupted the search. As for the reasons that led him to try to “disappear” into thin air, Sebastiano limited himself to saying to the Carabinieri: “I needed a break“.

The soldiers coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Alberto Cicognani and Captain Luca Geminale, who followed the investigations, are oriented according to what has been learned, not to recognize any type of crime against the boy. “Now – friends say – Sebastiano just needs to get back on his feet”.

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