businessman Zummo and an accountant arrested

International illicit trafficking was discovered by the anti-mafia district offices of Naples and Palermo which implemented two precautionary measures (respectively, a detention order and a precautionary custody order). In particular, the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office proceeded with the seizure of about 20 million euros deposited in Albania as well as the prevention seizure for about 30 million euros (in execution of the decree issued by the Prevention Measures Section), recovering the assets stolen from the execution of the confiscation decree issued against the well-known Palermo entrepreneur Francesco Zummo who ended up under house arrest. The well-known Palermo accountant Fabio Petruzzella is in prison.

The investigating judge considered that there were serious indications for international money laundering and self-laundering and fraudulent transfer of values, involving sums of money attributable to the assets of Cosa Nostra formed in the 70s with the so-called “bag of Palermo” and international traffic drug known as ‘Pizza connection’. The Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office has instead brought to light a criminal association dedicated to the recycling and international trafficking of drugs, also revealing the role of some suspects involved in the events of interest of the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office.

The investigations, launched after the seizure (June 2020), in the port of Salerno, of over 17 tons of drugs led to the identification of a sophisticated association, with bases in Albania, Italy and Switzerland, aimed at importing large quantities of cocaine and hashish from South America and North Africa and the recycling of related profits. The investigations of the DDA of Naples were carried out in collaboration, also carried out through the activation of a joint investigation team – of the Public Ministry of the Swiss Confederation and of the Federal Judicial Police (Economic Crime Division) of Lugano.

At the same time, the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Corruption and Organized Crime of Tirana (Albania) also arrested Albanian citizens who allowed the laundering of the 20 million euros attributable to Cosa Nostra seized by the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Adnkronos


businessman Zummo accountant arrested

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