comes the first sentence. Glacial silence of Letta and Di Maio – Time

comes the first sentence. Glacial silence of Letta and Di Maio – Time
comes the first sentence. Glacial silence of Letta and Di Maio – Time

Francesco Storace

November 12, 2021

We had to talk about Bibbiano and we will talk about it again: because Claudio Foti, the psychotherapist owner of the Hansel & Gretel treatment studio in Turin, was sentenced to 4 years for the affair of illicit custody. The mayor of Bibbiano Carletti (Pd) was indicted for abuse of office, but acquitted of the allegations of forgery. The trial will have to verify whether any illegitimacy has been committed in the awarding of the contract for the therapeutic service for the care of minors. We are therefore in the midst of the procedural affair, which will concern – from June onwards – 17 defendants with a total of 97 counts of indictment. A truly dramatic story that recorded very harsh reactions even at the political level. And today it would be necessary to ask Luigi Di Maio if he regretted having defined the PD as “Bibbiano’s party”, except to take back everything for an alliance of pure power with the Nazarene. The glacial silence observed yesterday by the Pd and pentastellati is certainly not accidental, as if to remove a very heavy obstacle to their relationship. Who knows how many degrees of judgment we will have to wait to hear them talk about the facts. It sounds really sinister what happened and which will now be subjected to verification by the magistrates.

The judges will have to say a final word for those minors unjustly removed from their families of origin for economic gain, through falsified appraisals, manipulated drawings, invented stories or psychotherapy sessions to ‘brainwash’ the children: this is the system accusatory set up by the Reggio Prosecutor’s Office in the various stages of the investigation (from the first precautionary measures, at the end of investigations, up to requests for indictment). The suspects, for their part, defended themselves by arguing, in essence, that they had acted for the good of the children and denying that there was a business at the basis of the foster care.

Many parliamentarians have spent important words on this horrible system who have followed a truly heartbreaking story from the beginning, starting with Maria Teresa Bellucci of Fdi and Laura Cavandoli of the Lega. For the exponent of Meloni’s party, “the existence of a sick and perverse system that had to be eradicated is confirmed. The arrival of the first sentence represents a strong signal that certainly will not heal the wounds inflicted on entire families by the ‘Bibbiano System’, but which will certainly give a signal on the need for incisive and punctual regulatory interventions to ensure that custody does not remain a shadow ignored by the state “. For Cavandoli, “pending the end of the trial, the most important result has already been achieved: all the children taken from their families have returned home. No one will ever be able to repay them and their families for what they have suffered, but the nightmare is over “.

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