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“House occupied by Roma? I have another story”, the worst of suspicions – Libero Quotidiano

“House occupied by Roma? I have another story”, the worst of suspicions – Libero Quotidiano
“House occupied by Roma? I have another story”, the worst of suspicions – Libero Quotidiano

The House of Ennio Di Lalla illegally occupied by two Roma a Roma? Something, a Massimo Giletti e Francesca Fagnani, does not come back. The elder of 86 years old is in connection with It is not the arena, on La7. Together with his lawyer he testifies the nightmare lived for three weeks: he was gone to the doctor for a check and on the way back, the apartment was found with the lock changed and the unexpected and unwelcome “guests” locked inside. The legal battle was relatively short: a few days ago he was able to set foot back into the house, captured by the lens of Giletti’s cameras, showing in what disastrous conditions the squatters had reduced it.

History has made the tour of Italy, as an emblem of decay and impunity. “It appears to me that the house was uninhabited for a year and a half“Giletti asks Di Lalla’s defender, Alessandro Olivieri. “Obviously, it takes nothing away from the gravity of the gesture of occupation”, explains the conductor. The lawyer jumps on his chair: “The apartment – this is Olivieri’s partial confirmation – was basically empty because Ennio was going back and forth between health facilities and his brother’s house. We know how it works in Rome, the two Roma did not pass through here for case”.

“Lawyer – urges Fagnani, presenter of Beasts -. Having said that you are obviously right about employment because occupying a house is a crime regardless, but there is no need to feed the press with slightly exaggerated details. Stick to the facts. I understand from investigative sources that his client had not been at home for more than a year and that the utilities were all disconnected. This is also useful to understand how the Roma entered the house and if there had been, as it turns out, other thefts, since you complained that the carabinieri would have allowed them to take things away. Which is not true and, among other things, unjust “.

“Why do you say this?”, Replies the lawyer. “The point – Giletti closes the question – is whether it is true or not that his client has always been there. If it is not true, you will see it I believe elsewhere. The news must be analyzed with great attention “.

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House occupied Roma story worst suspicions Libero Quotidiano

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