Trieste, fired the port No Green pass Fabio Tuiach: he manifested while he was ill

Fabio Tuiach held a public meeting in the No Green pass squares while he was sick at work. The former boxer and former right-wing city councilor – then a militant in extreme movements and recently become a fervent Catholic – was fired by the Port Labor Agency of the Port of Trieste (Alpt). Tuiach was one of the protagonists of the protests against green certification: he was present outside gate 4 and in Piazza Unità with a rosary on his arm and a large photo of a saint. The docker had already justified himself for having been seen in the squares during his sick days: «If I was in the square – he said – I didn’t do it during the hours when I was obliged to stay at home for tax visits. I was therefore corrected ». At the end of October he tested positive for Coronavirus.

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Trieste fired port Green pass Fabio Tuiach manifested ill

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