Lopalco regional health councilor resigns: Emiliano’s comment

It is Michele Emiliano, and not Pier Luigi Lopalco, who sheds light on the reasons that prompted the resigning councilor for Animal Health and Welfare to give up the mandate given to him by the governor of the Puglia Region a year ago.

“Dear President, dear Michele, I hereby place in your hands the delegation to the Councilor for Animal Health and Welfare conferred on me. As verbally anticipated, I believe my mandate is exhausted after the long period of emergency that we have brilliantly faced together. The current situation requires a change of pace that the physical and mental fatigue to which I have been subjected in these long months does not allow me to face. I remain at your disposal and with the regional government with my full technical, intellectual and even political support from my role in the Regional Council ”.

This is Emiliano’s comment: “The action carried out by Pier Luigi Lopalco during the pandemic was undoubtedly incessant and tiring, so I understand his tiredness and have deep respect for his reasons. The Apulians, however, must know that the whole Health team does not stop, the work continues to ensure the highest level of performance and that the attention to health issues remains very high on my part and on the part of the entire regional administration, today as always. “.

In an interview, the commissioner Lopalco also raised an issue that sees both of them on different positions and that concerns the administration of an innovative drug to an Apulian child suffering from a serious genetic disease. “The possible administration of this drug must always and in any case be established by a medical prescription and subject to the authorization of the parents, who in this specific case have already requested. family support. If there is a doctor who prescribes it and if the family authorizes it, the Region will support the child’s care, obviously in compliance with the rules and the supremacy of medical prescriptions.“highlights the president.

Michele Emiliano concludes: “In light of these considerations, I asked councilor Lopalco, to whom sincere feelings of esteem and affection bind me, to try to regain strength and return to offer his support to the action of the regional council, hoping that he can remedy the his choice “.


Lopalco regional health councilor resigns Emilianos comment

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