Vaccination, the appeal of the Region: everyone should take the third dose

Vaccination, the appeal of the Region: everyone should take the third dose
Vaccination, the appeal of the Region: everyone should take the third dose

The reference is to the new range between 40 and 60 years. President Fontana: “Immune coverage is very important.”

“I invite citizens who already have it or, soon, will be entitled to it, to book the third dose of the vaccine. And I am referring, in particular, to those who received the “recall” 6 months ago and will therefore be able to receive the third dose by registering on the digital platforms ». This was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, speaking on the subject of the third dose extended to citizens between 40 and 60 years old. «Scientists say so: the third dose – added Fontana – is the completion of the vaccination phase and therefore the means by which immune coverage is obtained which should last for years. Consequently it is very important – he concluded – that this vaccination cycle is completed ».

Still on the Lombard front, the proposal launched a few weeks ago by the coordinator of the Lombard vaccination campaign, Guido Bertolaso, in agreement with the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, is now a reality. In fact, the Areu Lombardia forces task force departed from Linate, led by Agostino Miozzo, which will have the task of vaccinating at least 500,000 people in Sierra Leone against Covid.

An initiative that also received the green light from the Italian government and the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, Francesco Polo Figliuolo. Live on the LombardiaNotizieOnline Facebook page Guido Bertolaso, connected with Agostino Miozzo during the Paris airport, called it a “forced choice, in the sense that Sierra Leone with impressive statistics: an infant mortality rate equal to 109 children out of 1,000 , who die before 5 years and a maternal mortality rate of 1,360 mothers per 100,000 births. It is an ambitious goal – added Bertolaso ​​- and Lombardy gives a concrete signal where the politics of ideas and that of things prevail ».

Miozzo, from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris during the stopover of the flight that will take him to Freetown in the evening, explained that “in agreement with the local authorities, we will verify all aspects relating to logistics, then identifying the target population, given that to date, very few people have been vaccinated in this country. It will be an important operation – he added to LombardiaNotizieOnline – a significant contribution after the unimaginable disasters left by Ebola ».

Thea Scognamiglio, vaccinator from Areu, are part of the task force that will support Agostino Miozzo in this first mission which will last about 10 days; Davide Zenoni, director of UOC pharmacy ASST North Milan; Roberto Tansini, Areu logistician and Roberto Moretti, UOC director of pediatric primary care management of the Ats family of Bergamo.


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