Roma Women, Serturini: “Against Fiorentina we will need determination”

Anna Maria Serturini, exterior of the Roma Women, spoke to the microphones of Roma Tv + in view of the match against Fiorentina: “For us it is a very important meaning because last season we lost 1-0, we lost 3 points. We expressed a great game.”

Two consecutive victories and constant growth. What changed after the break?
“They were two very important victories, especially against Sassuolo because we came from a defeat against Inter. It has changed that we have a much smoother game and we are more concrete. Not having conceded goals against Sassuolo has given us enthusiasm and energy.”

Fiorentina are your favorite victim. How important is scoring to you, does it help you motivate yourself?
“The goal for a striker is a lot, but it’s not my obsession. I try to work every day and motivate myself more and more. If the goal arrives, it’s good, but the important thing is to win. We hope to carry on the tradition.”

Fiorentina need points, how do you face challenges like this?
“Fiorentina are not going through one of the best moments, but we also need points to reach our goals. We will have to be determined and convinced. They have important players and we must not enter the field calmly and superficially otherwise it will be difficult.”

What emotions did you feel finding the fans again?
“Getting back to our fans was an indescribable emotion. We needed their support, playing without them was really sad. We hope to see them again on Saturday against Fiorentina, because we need their cheering and their support.”


Roma Women Serturini Fiorentina determination

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