Coronavirus, the Emilia Romagna bulletin with the infections of today 11 November 2021

Coronavirus, the Emilia Romagna bulletin with the infections of today 11 November 2021
Coronavirus, the Emilia Romagna bulletin with the infections of today 11 November 2021

Bologna, 11 November 2021 – The situation of the pandemic gives Covid in Emilia Romagna: The new positives of the last 24 hours are 617, while they count unfortunately 7 deaths. The growth of infections is therefore confirmed also in our region, since yesterday there were 549 (here the complete bulletin) and the day before 458). L’middle age of the new positives today is 41,1 years.

But it’s also useful to take a look at the Foundation’s Thursday report Gimbe, which raises the alarm: throughout Italy continue to rise contagion (the positives exceed 100 thousand), i dead and the terapie intensive, so much so that experts suggest they be evaluated restrictions on a municipal or provincial basis since “the daily average has more than doubled in less than a month. The situation has worsened especially in Veneto where there is a + 60% of cases and where today they are counted well 1,077 infected and even 14 thousand people in quarantine (here today’s bulletin).

Boom in Veneto: over a thousand cases

Marche red zone according to the European ECDC map

For now, however, assures the foundation led by Nino Cartabellotta, there are no regions that risk it yellow zone. We remind you that for the change of color in addition to the weekly incidence higher than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it is necessary that the occupancy threshold of 15% in the medical area and 10% in intensive care

Not the same can be said of Germany, where the boom in Coronavirus infections is impressive: today they are counted 50 thousand infections and 235 deaths.

Returning toEmilia Romagna, yesterday they registered 549 new cases with a positivity of 1.9%. One fifth of the infections in Ravenna: 109. It should be noted that just a Ravenna a general practitioner was arrested for false vaccinations and consequent false Green passes. while also a Cesena – where i unvaccinated fill the wards – a doctor has been suspended but claims: “I am not a no vax“.

We will publish the national bulletin here as soon as the data is released. yesterday they are sign in 7,891 cases and 60 deaths

Covid Emilia Romagna: the bulletin

In our region there are therefore 617 new positives out of 30,198 swabs performed: the percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is of 2%.
Out of the 222 asymptomatic, 139 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 10 with serological screening, 21 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 8 with pre-hospitalization tests. An epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 44 cases. Overall, among the new positives 255 were already in solitary confinement at the time of swab execution, 321 were identified within already known outbreaks.

As for the vaccines, at 2 pm a total of 7,037,978 doses were administered; out of the total, 3,517,865 are the people who have completed the cycle vaccine. Third doses made arrived at 240.151.

Covid in Emilia Romagna: contagions province by province

Here is the new map of infections in the region:
Modena with 117 new cases
Forlì 70
Ravenna 69
Bologna 63
Rimini 56
Reggio Emilia 55
Cesena 53
Ferrara 45
Parma 37
Piacenza 26
Imola district 26

Deaths in Emilia Romagna

Unfortunately, they register 7 deaths, all of elderly people: 4 a Bologna (3 men respectively of 98, 96, 90 years and a woman of 85); one a Imola (an 85-year-old man), one a Modena (an 84-year-old woman) and one a Rimini (an 89-year-old man). In total, there have been 13,644 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic.

Hospitalization and intensive care

There are 40 patients admitted to intensive care (-1 compared to yesterday), 363 those in the other Covid departments (+13).
In the area, patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 4 in Piacenza (number unchanged compared to yesterday), 6 in Parma (-1); 4 in Reggio Emilia (unchanged); 3 in Modena (unchanged); 13 in Bologna (+1); 2 in Imola (unchanged); 2 in Ferrara (unchanged), 2 in Ravenna (-1); 2 in Forlì (-1); 1 in Cesena (+1), 1 in Rimini (unchanged).

Healed and active cases in Emilia Romagna

As for the overall healed people, they are 264 more than yesterday and reach 414,444. Active cases, i.e. i actual patients, today there are 9,369 (+346). Of these, the people in isolation at home, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 8,966 (+334), 95.7% of the total number of active cases.

The Gimbe Foundation report

Returning to the Gimbe alarm, which refers to the week from 3 to 9 November, i new cases increased by + 37.7%, i hospitalizations of + 14.8% and the terapie intensive + 9.4%.
The situation of the Italians is also not very reassuring vaccines: the first doses have dropped by 75% in three weeks and 2.7 million over 50s remain to be vaccinated. As for the third doses, do not take off: a change of gear is needed to contain the fourth wave. In the week from 3 to 9 November, the new cases went from 29,841 to 41,091, as well as hospitalizations in the medical area (+444) and in intensive care (+36).

In all Regions there is a percentage increase in new cases, with variations ranging from 12.7% of Tuscany 75.3% of the Province of Bolzano. 66 Provinces have an incidence equal to or greater than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Veneto all provinces exceed this threshold. In 3 Provinces there are over 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: Trieste (479), Bolzano (260) and Gorizia (221). “Numbers – comments the President – that should induce local administrators to consider restrictions on a municipal or provincial basis, to prevent the spread of the infection from dragging the entire Region into the yellow zone”.

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