Those non-existent abuses: thus the “demons” snatched Bibbiano’s children from their families

Those non-existent abuses: thus the “demons” snatched Bibbiano’s children from their families
Those non-existent abuses: thus the “demons” snatched Bibbiano’s children from their families

The first two sentences of the trial linked to theinvestigation Angels and Demons, which sees at the center the alleged network of false abuses on children removed from their families and entrusted to friends and acquaintances of some operators who gravitated around the social services of Val D’Enza and the municipality of Bibbiano. Today judge Dario De Luca should comment both on the positions of Claudio Foti, manager of the non-profit organization Hansel and Gretel ended up at the center of the scandal, and Beatrice Benati, social worker, both on other 22 requests for indictment presented by the public prosecutor.

According to what was written in the court order, as reported by, those responsible for social services they would have falsified some documents and reports, in order to remove the children from their families and entrust them to friends and acquaintances. A system, according to the accusations, built both for economic purposes and for a “ideological factor“, which allegedly involved social workers, psychotherapists, lawyers and politicians in a series of agreements and favoritism. Thus a network of alleged manipulations and falsifications emerged, which would have generated a turnover of thousands of euros, to the detriment of estranged children. from their families.

The first investigations

It all started in the summer of 2018, when the prosecutor Valentina Savi decided to start the investigations, made suspicious by the anomalous numbers of suspected sexual abuse recorded by social services. In general, the reports were statistically similar to those of the other Italian provinces. But in Val d’Enza, boys and girls estranged from their families because of sexual abuse O mistreatment they were significantly higher. Furthermore, for these children the idea of ​​fostering another family was privileged, rather than being placed in a structure. In fact, according to what the Province of Pavia, in 2015, out of 18 minors none would have been given in foster care. The figure would have increased drastically the following year, with 33 minors welcomed in the facility and 104 entrusted to other families, and again in 2017, with 50 minors in the facility and 110 in foster care.

Numbers that would have almost doubled in the first half of 2018. An anomalous trend, which made prosecutor Savi suspicious, who began to investigate the situation, bringing to light “an interminable series of false, prodigious trial and misdirection“, as she herself reported, according to what was written by Province of Pavia. Thus the “Bibbiano case” broke out, involving the social services of Val D’Enza, the municipality of Bibbiano and the Hansel and Gretel center, accused of falsifying reports for the juvenile court and influencing the minds of children, with the purpose of removing them from their families, to give them in I entrust to friends and acquaintances.

Thus they “manipulated” the children

Pressing questions, role-playing games, modified drawings and even the use of the “memory machine”. So the psychologists to whom the children had been entrusted allegedly manipulated the minds of the children to induce them to charge parents and relatives for sexual abuse and violence. he had examined the 277 pages of the investigation, in which the interceptions made by the Reggio Emilia carabinieri were reported, showing the alleged pressure on minors, induced to confess to episodes that never occurred. It all began with a report to the social services, which took charge of the case and made the boy or girl start a therapy course with psychologists. Precisely during these sessions the minors were led to confess non-existent violence, as a result of which they were removed from their families and placed in foster care.

According to the indictment, the modus operandi would always be the same: continuous questions asked in order to suggest the answer to the little ones, role-playing games in which the parents were represented as the villains of fairy tales intent on harming their children and the use of a machine that transmits small vibrations. In this way the little ones would have been convinced to confess abuses and non-existent violence first to the psychologists and then to the judge. To make the reports more credible and to convince the court judge to remove the child and entrust him to another family, social workers and psychologists would also have altered the drawings of children, adding sexual connotations to them. When the case broke out, the drawing made by a little girl became a symbol, to which two elongated arms were added, suspiciously touching the other represented figure.

The system worth thousands of euros

Once given in foster care to other families, some of these formed by friends and acquaintances of the heads of social services, the children were prescribed psychotherapy sessions paid by the Municipality, often carried out in the center Hansel and Gretel, handled by Claudio Foti. The center, wrote the power of attorney, as reported by, “in full awareness of the total illegality of the system created for their benefit, in clear violation of the legislation on the assignment of public services and in full awareness that their professional activity was paid by a public body, they systematically carried out psychotherapy activities with minors sent to them by the social service Val d ‘Enza“. The individual sessions, costing about 130 euros each (against 60-70 euros on the average), were paid for by the carers:”The carers were instructed by the Social Services to accompany the children to private sessions and to pay the related bills in their own name.“, we read in the papers of the prosecution.

But that money would later be returned to the foster families, with a feigned motive of payment. Thus, according to the accusation, on the one hand the non-profit organization was in charge of the psychotherapy service wanted by the institution, while some employees of the institution obtained assignments for training courses held by the non-profit organization. A mechanism that would have yielded thousands of euros to the participants, causing equally serious damage to the ASL of Reggio Emilia. Furthermore, it seems that the non-profit organization of Foti benefited from public spaces without having faced a regular tender.

The first sentences on the “Bibbiano case”

The first are scheduled for today judgments of the process that started the investigation Angels and Demons. At the center ended Bibbiano, one of the villages that make up the Union of Val D’Enza, where the mayor was placed under investigation for abuse of office. The investigators were also targeted by Carlo Foti, manager of the non-profit organization Hansel and Gretel, and Federica Anghinolfi, at the time in charge of the Minors Service. Judge Dario De Luca will pronounce the sentence on the case of the psychotherapist Claudio Foti and on that of the social worker Beatrice Benati.

The man is accused of court fraud and injury against a little girl for her methods, “because it altered the psychological state of the minor X, subjecting her to close sessions, through suggestive and suggestive modalities, with the deliberate formulation of questions on the subject of sexual abuse and thus generating in the minor the belief that she had been sexually abused by her father “. Benati, on the other hand, is accused of private violence and a sentence of one year and six months has been requested for her. Also today, the judge will also have to rule on the other 22 requests for indictment made by the prosecutor. Meanwhile, all 10 minors abducted from their parents for alleged abuse at the center of the investigation Angels and Demons they returned home to their parents and natural relatives.

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