CYCLONIC VORTICE coming, another BAD WEATHER this time also in the North. The REGIONS involved «3B Meteo

CYCLONIC VORTICE coming, another BAD WEATHER this time also in the North. The REGIONS involved «3B Meteo
CYCLONIC VORTICE coming, another BAD WEATHER this time also in the North. The REGIONS involved «3B Meteo

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Meteo weekend

SITUATION. The Mediterranean vortex now in action to the west of Italy it will tend to move away towards the Balearics over the weekend, but in the meantime a new threat will come from Northern Europe. It will be about a new depression vortex which will cut the high pressure area spread over central Europe, reaching on Sunday first the Alps and then the Cote d’Azur and causing a worsening Sunday in the North, after a weekend that is still often unstable in the Center-South. Here is in detail what will happen between Friday and the weekend:

FRIDAY. It will still be the old Mediterranean vortex to condition time with episodes of strong instability at the start of the day on the major islands. I expected showers and thunderstorms over central-northern Sardinia, even intense but gradually attenuating between the afternoon and the evening and with partial bright spells that will overlook the southern areas. Initial bad weather also in central-eastern Sicily with sometimes intense thunderstorms on the Ionian side, gradually attenuating between afternoon and evening, more bright spells and drier climate on the west of the island. On the peninsular regions irregular cloudiness expected on the central-southern sector with rains and some showers in the morning on Tuscany and Lazio, in the afternoon on lower Lazio, Campania and Calabria, but with phenomena gradually attenuating in the evening and with bright spells on the upper Tyrrhenian Sea. Sporadic or absent phenomena in the Adriatic regions, with bright spells in Puglia. In the North scattered and cleared clouds with greater densities in the morning in Emilia, alternating with low mists or clouds over the rest of the Po Valley, in partial diurnal thinning. More compact clouds over the Maritime Alps and Ponente Ligure with some attenuating rain by evening. Slightly decreasing temperatures in the Center-South.

Italy weather Friday

SATURDAY. A largely cloudy start to the day on the central-southern peninsular except for bright spells on the mid-lower Adriatic, scattered rains on the Tyrrhenian regions. During the day still irregular cloudiness with scattered rains, more frequent in Campania, Calabria and Puglia, gradually diminishing in the evening. Instead, brighten on the major islands. In the North clouds and some drizzle in the morning on the Triveneto, cleared elsewhere but with fog banks on the Po Valley. During the day rising clouds and some rain or showers intensifying in the evening especially on Levante Ligure, Lombardy and Triveneto. Temperatures slightly decreasing in the North, slightly increasing in the South.

Italy weather Saturday

SUNDAY. Initial bad weather in the North and Tuscany with widespread rains except for partial bright spells in the western Alps. During the day, rains and showers spread over most of the north, Sardinia and Tuscany with intense phenomena in the west of Piedmont and snow in the Alps from 1500 / 1700m, some rain also on Lazio, Marche and inland Abruzzo but in a context of greater variability. Scattered and cleared clouds over the rest of the Center and South. Decreasing temperatures in the Center-North.

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