scams and extortion at the Caf – Libero Quotidiano

scams and extortion at the Caf – Libero Quotidiano
scams and extortion at the Caf – Libero Quotidiano

The Basic income, the grillino scandal, is about to be renewed in a form that is dramatically too similar to the previous one by the Draghi government, all in the text of the Maneuver, in the draft, which will have to be voted in Parliament. But now, on the five-star subsidy, the biggest bomb of all the previous ones is raining, and there are several.

What happens? It happens that it turned out that 9 thousand Romanians who have never set foot in Italy have already collected the beauty of 15 million euros between citizenship income and emergency income, a scam that – as explained by the Corriere.itit could have reached 60 million euros, if in the morning of today, Thursday 11 November, the Romanians had not been stopped by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office and by the Cremona and Novara Finance Police. In all 16 arrests, established by the Gip De Pascale at the request of the prosecutor Paolo Storari. The offenses are fraud aggravated to the detriment of the State, criminal conspiracy and extortion.

But in this case it is a different scam. Yes, because it comes from abroad. As always explains the Courier service, it is “a program designed by a group of Romanian creators, in tandem with some Italians – partly accomplices, partly victims of extortion – in some Caf-authorized tax assistance centers to the paperwork for grant applications“In short, yet another proof of how unfortunate citizenship income is.

In the investigation it was documented that the arrested presented themselves to Cafs with the tax codes of hundreds of Romanians, claiming that they had been residing in Italy for 10 years, therefore eligible for income. But it gets worse: in some cases the Italian employees of the Caf they were aware of the scam. But they didn’t give a damn, since the INPS pays employees 10 euros for each closed practice. In other cases, who refused to close the case was victim of extortion. As mentioned, the perfect bomb to blow up the citizenship income.

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scams extortion Caf Libero Quotidiano

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