the neighbors see him and call the carabinieri

The housing emergency, after a few days, returns to echo in the buildings of the Don Bosco area. After the case of Ennio Di Lalla, whose story went around the city which ended with the return of the house to the elderly, occupied for a few days by a woman, another case of illegal occupation was taking place in the neighborhood. The collaboration between the residents and the carabinieri thwarted him.

The events occurred yesterday in via Calpurnio Pisone. A 112 report had indicated a probable occupation of an apartment in a building owned by INPS, currently uninhabited as it is awaiting assignment. During the inspection carried out by the military, it emerged that a 44-year-old man, originally from the province of Benevento but residing in Pisa, had managed to enter the apartment after having forced a window frame.

Some residents of the building noticed that by calling the police immediately, they avoided the worst. The squatter, after being identified and reported on the loose for invasion of land or buildings, was invited by the carabinieri to leave the apartment, which he did without offering any resistance. The availability of the property was therefore returned to an INPS representative.


neighbors call carabinieri

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