Fourth wave, + 37% new cases, + 14% hospitalizations. Veneto over a thousand positives in one day. Hope: “Get vaccinated”

Fourth wave, + 37% new cases, + 14% hospitalizations. Veneto over a thousand positives in one day. Hope: “Get vaccinated”
Fourth wave, + 37% new cases, + 14% hospitalizations. Veneto over a thousand positives in one day. Hope: “Get vaccinated”

I almost said Covid-19 increase in all Italian regions. New weekly cases grew by 37.7%, hospital admissions by 14.8% and intensive care by 9.4%. While the currently positives exceed 100,000.

Especially in the autonomous province of Bolzano with 75.3%. For now, none are likely to pass into the yellow zone but restrictive measures are needed. This is what emerges from the new monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation which compares the data of the week 3-9 November with those of the previous week. The alarm is also confirmed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza«Europe’s numbers must signal a great deal of attention and the World Health Organization indicates a resurgence of the virus. We must insist on convincing people who have not yet had the first vaccination dose and we must open the booster phase even more forcefully, so yesterday we also opened the age group between 40 and 60 ». This was underlined by the health minister, Roberto Speranza, speaking by videoconference at the assembly of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (Anci).

Third dose for over 40s from 1st December. The leap of infections

Veneto alarm. In Veneto, after months, Covid infections return to break through the psychological quota of 1,000 daily cases. In the last 24 hours, 1,077 people tested positive for swabs. There are also 5 victims. The bulletin of the Region reports it. Numbers that confirm the new wave in progress, and which have not been seen since last winter.

Lazio, anti-Covid vaccines for under 11s: plan in fifteen centers

The regions with the most infections

In particular, for 66 Provinces there is an incidence equal to or greater than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Veneto all the Provinces exceed this threshold. In 3 Provinces there are over 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: Trieste (479), Bolzano (260) and Gorizia (221). “These are numbers – comments the president of the Nino Cartabellotta Foundation – that should induce local administrators to consider restrictions on a municipal or provincial basis, to prevent the spread of the infection from dragging the entire region into the yellow zone”.

The hospitals

“On the hospital front – says Renata Gili, Head of Research on Health Services of the Foundation – there is a further increase in the number of beds occupied by Covid patients: compared to the previous week + 14.8% in the medical area and + 9.4% in therapy intensive “. At the national level, the employment rate remains very low (6% in the medical area and 5% in intensive care), but with significant regional differences. In particular, no Region exceeds the threshold of 15% for the medical area, while Friuli-Venezia Giulia (11%) and Marche (11%) exceed that of 10% for the critical area. These values, in the short term, Gimbe recalls, do not involve the risk of passing into the yellow zone which, in addition to the weekly incidence of more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, simultaneously requires the overcoming of the employment threshold of 15% in the medical area and the 10% in intensive care.

The unvaccinated

The first doses of the anti Covid vaccine drop by 75% in three weeks and 2.7 million are still over 50 to be vaccinated. While even the third doses do not take off and the vaccine supplies are also at stake. Gimbe calls for a “change of gear to contain the fourth wave.” In particular, the report notes, after touching 440,000 in the week of 11-17 October, in three weeks the number of new vaccinated people fell by 75.4% to 108,497 in the week 1-7 November. Of these, 72.2% are people of working age.

The increase in infections

In particular, comparing the data of the week 27 October-2 November with those of the week 3-9 November, the new cases of Covid-19 went from 29,841 to 41,091 (+ 37.7%), deaths from 257 to 330. Hospital admissions for patients with symptoms also continue to rise, from 2,992 to 3,436 (14.8%) and patients hospitalized for Covid in intensive care, from 385 to 421 (+ 9.4%), as well as people in home isolation, which went from 81,070 to 96,348, equal to + 18.8%. In addition, in the last three weeks, Gimbe monitoring notes, the increase in viral circulation is well documented by the increase in both the positive / people tested ratio (from 3.6% to 9.9%), and the positive / swab ratio molecular (2.4% to 4.7%).

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