right under the headquarters … – Libero Quotidiano

right under the headquarters … – Libero Quotidiano
right under the headquarters … – Libero Quotidiano

In via Asiago, in the Prati district, one step away from the Rai headquarters, the cars are often in the second row, complete with a ticket with a telephone number on the dashboard. A rule that puts traffic in the neighborhood in great ambition. Thus, this morning, Thursday 11 November, probably prompted by the newspaper’s denunciation I read, the traffic police have arrived. About fifty fines issued to the multitude of irregularly parked cars: some in double, but also in triple rows, some in prohibited parking, some even in non-stop.

Panic among the employees of the surrounding buildings, starting with those of Rai at the sight of the blue uniforms armed with notebooks: “I’ve been working here for thirty years and they’ve never seen something like this,” said an anxious valet. Arrived early in the morning, the “pizzardoni” – after years of inaction – were inflexible: one fine after another. As it had never happened in years.

An all-Italian malpractice also accentuated by the lack of parking spaces that the various administrations of the Italian municipalities are unable to exacerbate. With even paradoxical scenes such as those that happened this morning in via Asiago with absurd questions from those who were about to be fined: “But never come, here it is always like this, then one day all of a sudden you show up together”. What is certain is that now it is necessary to understand if the blitz of the police in Prati was an exception or just the confirmation of a wrong rule.

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