Sexual violence against an American student in Prati: 42-year-old arrested

Shock in Prati where an American student was raped by a man with the excuse of a cigarette. The violence last September. A little over a month later, the carabinieri then gave a name and a face to the person responsible, thus accused of aggravated sexual violence. To close the circle, the soldiers of the Compagnia Roma San Pietro who, as delegated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, carried out a precautionary custody order under house arrest with an electronic bracelet against a 42-year-old cleansed Macedonian citizen.

The carabinieri find the girl

Violence last September in the middle of the night in Piazza Cola di Rienzo. On the spot, the carabinieri found a young American student in shock in the street. At the time, the girl told the military that she had suffered sexual assault shortly before by a man of about forty. Immediate searches in the neighboring streets without finding anyone. More details then emerged following the formalization of the complaint by the victim, complete with dynamics, times and places of the attack.

Approached with the excuse of a cigarette

According to the story given by the young American, the man would have approached her with the excuse of smoking a cigarette together. A few moments later, however, he began to hug her, kiss her, groped her and violate her private parts. The morbid approach did not cease to the refusal of the young woman who was followed up to the landing in front of her apartment and forced to suffer the same acts all along the way. It was the young woman’s roommates who put an end to the nightmare: in fact, the victim’s friends, including the dangerous situation, were able to forcibly close the door of the house, leaving the aggressor outside and saving the friend. .

Framed by the video surveillance images

Thus, the Carabinieri of the Compagnia Roma San Pietro, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Rome, acquired the images of the video surveillance systems of the area and of the condominium where the young woman was staying, were able to identify the attacker in a foreigner who had been controlled same evening, precisely in that area, by another patrol in transit to which he had aroused suspicion for his wandering. Therefore created a photographic file, just that suspect was recognized with certainty both by the victim and by her friends.

The evidence gathered, defined as “precise, serious and consistent”, allowed the issue of the restrictive measure by the judicial authority. The same carabinieri carried out the arrest.

Girl saved by the boxer

Also in Prati, a few days ago, a girl was saved by a man who was abusing her. In this case, the thirty-year-old was saved by a tenant, a boxer, who went down to the entrance hall of the building where the violence was taking place after hearing the victim’s cries for help. Together with the neighborhood, the boxer then managed to stop the rapist, a 35-year-old Ukrainian, who was then arrested by the police on charges of sexual assault.

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