Milan, 12 years old against his father no vax: “He says senseless things”

November 11, 2021 09:34

The boy, who had his mother on his side, explained to the judges that he wanted to receive the doses “after reflecting and making inquiries”

How it rebuilds The Corriere della Sera, the judges “found the maturity of the little boy in relation to his age, his opinion was expressed later reflection, information and discussion of the opinions of his parents. And therefore it is an opinion that must be taken into due consideration “.

The court therefore gave reason to the mother and consequently to the 12 year old. “The mother is authorized to hire, independently and in the absence of paternal consent, any decision relating to administration “, they wrote.

It is not the first time that a minor has found himself in front of a judge to assert his desire to get vaccinated, going against the advice of his parents. Other cases they were registered in Cagliari, in Nuoro and the last in Palermo, where a 16-year-old won against her father.


Milan years father vax senseless

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