“Children disturb”, the mayor of a small town near Rome forbids playing football in the square

The mayor: “Space accessible to all, but the ball and bicycles damage it” – “We have made available to everyone – explains the mayor, Flavio Cera – a space that can be used both in summer and in winter”. The central piazza Padre Marco Morasca was in fact covered precisely to be accessible 12 months a year. “Unfortunately – adds the mayor – frequent reports arrive that in the square groups play football or with bicycles, disturbing people and with damage that we must repair every time. Therefore, to safeguard this space, we have issued an ordinance that prohibits the use of balls and bicycles inside the covered square “.

Protest on social media: “We deprive children of the right to play” – Many citizens welcomed the measure praising the initiative, but there was no lack of criticism. “Let’s go from the absurd to the ridiculous in a few lines – points out via social media Alessandro Pascucci, a resident of Bellegra -. But do we really want to take away from our children, our future, the desire to play in company in a public place? some kind of absurd prohibitions, but when I see that it is forbidden to play football or ride a bike, then I inc … “.

And again: “For a child, play is his life, it is like work or family for an adult. Taking urban spaces away from children is like firing their father from a job. Squares are places to live because there is it is someone who fills them, otherwise they are empty spaces devoid of soul, ‘non-places’. Soccer and bikes are the games of the people of our traditions. We are building a generation of children who are slaves to PCs and smartphones. Don’t come to me talking about street furniture and decoration. We all grew up playing in a square and collecting balls under the wheels of cars “.

“Do children’s noises bother us?” – Another resident of Bellegra, Elisa Nera, adds to the dose: “Regarding the ban on screeching, we missed children’s noises in the pandemic. And now they bother? I found it a good idea to close the square with windows to live it twelve months a year, but with all these restrictions it looks more like a museum than a place for recreation “.


Children disturb mayor small town Rome forbids playing football square

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