Bob Kennedy jr arrives in Milan, a no vax leader who claims that governments love pandemics

Bob Kennedy jr arrives in Milan, a no vax leader who claims that governments love pandemics
Bob Kennedy jr arrives in Milan, a no vax leader who claims that governments love pandemics

If the uncle Jfk as president of the United States of America he made history by pronouncing a Berlin the famous phrase I am from Berlin – expression of freedom in response to the construction of the Wall -, from a stage in the German capital he became a world guru of no vax with these other words pronounced in August 2020: “Governments love pandemics for the same reason they love wars, and that is because they can impose control of the population”. Robert F. Kennedy jr, son of Bob and grandson of the former president of the United States John Fitzgerald, lawyer, 67, will be in Milan on November 13 for a demonstration against vaccines organized by his association, Children’s Health Defense. The initiative will be held atArch of Peace from 3 pm. Among the first to relaunch it via social media Roberto Jonghi lavarini, the so-called “Black Baron“, Investigated after the journalistic investigation of Fanpage on the “lobby nera“. “They have targeted our children with this vaccination program which is a criminal enterprise against the little ones – explains Kennedy jr. – We must stop them, we must rebel and we must do it for our children “taking up a concept expressed loudly at the events organized by Enrico Montesano. On November 16 the release of one of his books is announced, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

“An exceptional man, a true flag and symbol of the struggle for freedom and self-determination” describes him Milan Free Citizens Committee, speaking on the social networks of the Milanese appointment. Before the demonstration on Saturday, whose peaceful nature the organizers emphasize, the Kennedy heir will hold a press conference in a Milanese hotel. “Kennedy – reads the association’s website – exposes the frode and the shameless profit of the medical mafia based in the United States that clamps down on global public health through pandemic response ”. Guest of It is not The Arena, its La7, Kennedy Jr. said among other things that “the problem is that the response to the pandemic was not medical. It was a militarized and monetized response. Part of this response was to shut down the debate, to censor free speech. Anyone who questions these policies is punished, censored, marginalized and vilified. And I think this contributes to the polarization and the feeling that we are losing our democracies ”.

The skeptical positions of Bob Kennedy’s third child on vaccines have been known for a long time, since before the Covid pandemic. And already from 2019 the other children of Bob Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (former Deputy Governor of Maryland) e Joseph P. Kennedy II (former Massachusetts congressman), and niece Maeve Kennedy McKean (executive director of Georgetown University for the Global Health Initiatives) had distanced themselves from his brother’s outings: “Bobby is an outsider in the Kennedy family – they said – He’s our brother and uncle, but his position on vaccines is tragically wrong and dangerous ”. At that time, the United States was experiencing the largest measles epidemic since 2000. “We are proud – they added – of our family’s history as supporters of public health e promoters of immunization campaigns to bring life-saving vaccines to the poorest and most remote corners of America and the world. On this issue, Bobby is an exception in the Kennedy family ”. The father of the three Robert Kennedy sr, Democratic senator killed in 1968 in an attack in the middle of the race to White House, with his brother John F. Kennedy, was committed to the approval and dissemination of the first vaccines against infectious diseases.


Bob Kennedy arrives Milan vax leader claims governments love pandemics

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