so the City wants to avert the Christmas crisis

I waste of Rome in Mantua. So the Capitol tries to overcome yet another crisis in the city. Yes, because Rome is suffering: despite the extraordinary cleaning plan initiated by the new mayor Roberto Gualtieri, the streets of the capital are invaded by garbage.

The streets of Rome invaded by waste

Heaps of garbage around the bins from the Trieste district to Monteverde, up to Balduina. It is not only the consequence of the strike of the workers of the environmental hygiene services who crossed their arms last Monday: in Rome there are no suitable outlets to meet the needs of the city: the only TMB in Ama, that of Rocca Cencia, now old and run down as well as subjected to commissioner, he works half-service. The maintenance necessary to avoid breakdowns that the city cannot afford slows down the lines, the tank is full so often the trucks are forced to long queues before unloading the waste: consequently the collection rounds are skipped, streets and sidewalks are filled with garbage . Even the horizon is not clear: Rome does not have a landfill, it relies on Viterbo, Albano and Civitavecchia, but the latter is close to closure due to maximum capacity reached. The capital will have to reinvent itself a new outlet.

Rocca Cencia, flooded site and trucks in line: Gualtieri’s cleaning plan collides with reality

The waste of Rome in Mantua

For now, and for another year, part of the waste will go to Lombardy. Thus at least the usual Christmas waste crisis is avoided. In fact, an agreement was reached between Ama and the Mantova Ambiente company for the dispatch of untreated waste, treated and / or to be stabilized for subsequent start-up. disposal in landfills until 31 December 2022. “Furthermore – the Capitol said – the availability of incineration and disposal plants in Tuscany was requested. Finally, Ama is continuing to search for further outlets and at the same time accelerating the signing of contracts with the operators awarded the lots in the tender awarded by Invitalia last summer. “Ama also submitted to the Metropolitan City an application to amend the ordinance with which the former mayor Virginia Raggi had established the reopening of the Albano landfill, asking to remove the blocked list of operators authorized to deliver to the disposal plant, as some of the subjects included in the list have ceased to support the municipal waste disposal facility in Rome, both the authorized waste codes and the expected daily quantities remain unchanged.

The Councilor for the Environment Alfonsi: “The city is restarting”

“The city is starting up again. Let’s put the work chain back in line and sit around the same table all the actors appointed to solve the waste emergency” – he commented Sabrina Alfonsi, Councilor for the Environment of Rome Capital on the sidelines of the institutional meeting on waste. “We work to accelerate the comparison as much as possible, starting to lay the foundations for lasting solutions to be put in place. As I have already said on several occasions, I am convinced that with respect to an issue of this magnitude it is necessary to proceed gradually and that the solutions can only arise from the common commitment of all the administrations involved, who finally return to work together. , after a long time, for the good of Rome “.


City avert Christmas crisis

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