“I lost 700 thousand euros and now I’m being chased by the prosecutors of Italy” – Corriere.it

“I lost 700 thousand euros and now I’m being chased by the prosecutors of Italy” – Corriere.it
“I lost 700 thousand euros and now I’m being chased by the prosecutors of Italy” – Corriere.it
from Ferruccio Pinotti

Maurizio Careddu, former controller of Banca Intesa, fell into the trap of a (fake) investment platform based in the United Kingdom: They used my identity to commit numerous crimes. Investigated and Filed Three Times: Never Trust Quick Earnings

This story it could perfectly figure in a Kafka novel, but a fully current story, which could happen to each of us. And in fact it happens to thousands of people every day, that despite being victims they don’t feel like reporting or to tell their story to the mass media, putting their face on it. Maurizio Careddu instead decided to put it there to claim their correctness before the world, but also to avoid terrible misadventures for others such as those that happened to him: not only in fact he was the subject of a sophisticated financial scam that led him to lose 700 thousand euros, the fruit of the savings of a life of work; but also the subject of identity theft, which has made him – and continues to make it – without his knowledge, the subject of investigations by various Italian prosecutors, as many financial crimes and frauds have been perpetrated precisely by using his identity, certainly not attributable to his own conduct.

The arrest and the search

Giovanni Careddu, born in Monfalcone on 7 October 57, but resident in Milan for many years, two daughters already set to work in the ex-wife’s business, until a few years ago he worked for Banca Intesa as controller, inspector in various operational offices of the institute. On a 6-year-old spring day his drama begins. At dawn on April 2, 2015 the Guardia di Finanza shows up at 6 in the morning with a warrant ordered by the prosecutor Francesco Paolo Marinaro of Rome. The search warrant, in addition to the domestic environment, had also been extended to my office in Banca Intesa, right at the headquarters in Milan. The Gdf has my pc and my desk tested, but nothing relevant is found. I am questioned for being involved in serial financial scams. The original conviction of the investigators of finding themselves in front of a hardened criminal quickly ends up crumbling; in fact, after the necessary checks, it emerges that I had been the victim of identity theft.

Identity theft

How could this have happened? Careddu, like many others, in 2014 had been contacted by one of the multiple online platforms which offer investments in gold, stocks, commodities, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies. For the conclusion of the investment contract I had provided documents, identity card, tax code. This pseudo-company that presented itself as an online platform, such AGF Markets, based in England, he used my identity to open more companies in my name, intent on cheating as many people as possible, both in Italy and abroad: they promised investments that initially paid off well, then at the moment of the biggest investment they disappeared with the money that ended up in unattainable foreign accounts. I fell into this trap in 2014, I was also fooled by the fact that these subjects they had Italian contacts, who answered the phone politely and professionally.

Investigations by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office

Careddu continues: In April 2015, after having suffered the raid on the house and office of the Police and after being subjected to the interrogations and investigations of the rite, having understood that he was the victim of an identity theft, with the ” with the help of my trusted lawyer, the lawyer Francesco Simone Papotto, I immediately file a complaint and, subsequently, the Public Prosecutor of Rome, after further investigations, asks for the case to be closed, promptly received by the investigating judge, Antonella Minunni.

The investigations of Pescara and Locri

The nightmare seemed over, but, a few months later, a file similar to the one filed in Rome appears on the counter of the Pescara prosecutor’s office. This time, as a judicial police, the Carabinieri intervene and, also here, always with the help of their lawyer, Careddu again manages to prove that he is a stranger to the fraudulent action carried out in his name, resulting in filing of the case also by the Pescara Public Prosecutor’s Office. But the odyssey does not end here and reaches the present: three weeks ago Careddu received an invitation on behalf of the Locri Public Prosecutor’s Office – and this time by the State Police – to report to the Sempione Commissioner of Milan because the Locri Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file in his name for banking fraud. It seemed to me that I was the famous fantozzi character of “La Belva Umana”, with three prosecutors and three different police forces on my heels for crimes never committed. The fact that nNot only have I never committed any crime in my life, but rather I was the offended person, when I also lost all my life savings … 700 thousand euros, victim of an international scam.

The super scam and the 700 thousand euros lost

Like many, in fact, Careddu was proposed to leave with 200 euros to invest in online trading. Long story short, I lost 700,000 euros while the company in question was prohibited by Consob from operating in Italy, but probably it was licensed abroad in offshore markets, using tax havens such as the Virgin Islands.

We are not protected by anyone

Careddu complains: We are not protected by any body and we should not be able to operate under the promise of attractive rates, even if it is true that I am naive.. The judiciary and even my bank tried to take action to recover my money, which ended up on a leading German bank: but there was nothing to be done. The German judiciary also moved on my case, but it was an international scam and therefore there was no competence to go further. Careddu had no disciplinary sanctions from his bank, even if he had to produce his position at the criminal record, showing a copy of the filing and related rehabilitation; he also had to bear the legal costs. I lived 2 years of work with strong concerns about a possible dismissal, even if I did not use the bank PC but personal tools. I am now retired but the situation remains to be clarified with the Locri Public Prosecutor’s Office, which seems to be on the way to being resolved. The advice to net savers:
We must not allow ourselves to be influenced by telephone communications, it is better to see each other in the face and have a place of reference. Then we must not trust the easy earnings and also make inquiries about where the companies are located, usually offshore companies who only want portfolios of clients, who often run attractive Asian or Eastern ladies.

Beware of bitcoins and easy earnings

Careddu also invites those who believe in bitcoin at the utmost caution: With bitcoins they flesh out people, they trawl, they present themselves well on social networks with super reviews and offering a “demo account” to indulge you, but a largely fictional and drugged market
. My story is perhaps extreme, but basically no different from that of many small savers who have lost all their savings with Mps, Antonveneta, Pop Vicentina or with the bonds of Caripuglia. There are thousands of scammers like me, I hope my story is an example for many.

How to avoid falling into such traps

The lawyer Francesco Simone Papotto, who continues to follow Careddu in this incredible story, is keen to underline the seriousness of the events that occurred to his client, exacerbated, in the circumstance, by the evident absence of an adequate exchange of information between the various Public Prosecutors, as well as between the Police Forces. Papotto, in similar cases suggests report the theft of their personal data to the authorities, if by e-mail, chat, social media, or following a telephone conversation, we have provided our documents, our data, or strictly private information. The timely exposure could constitute a valid means to have, at a later time, the proof of the scam. It is therefore a question of one reasonable “preventive defense” in the event that the crime of substitution of person should then actually be completed after a few years.

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