El Piperito, a show by the Fourbusters between comedy and music

Milano – Friday 12 and Saturday 13 November 2021, at 21.00, al Beautiful Theater in via San Cristoforo 1 in Milan, i Fourbusters to present The Piperito, the story of the greatest artist on the planet unlucky from showbiz because they are discriminated against.

Milano – A concert show where the comedy it is the narrative line it introduces ironic musical pieces, funny and poetic that blend with acting. We tell stories, experiences and suggestions that revolve around the phantom author of the musical pieces performed: a genius who did not go down in history only because he was sidelined, excluded for many reasons, all placed between discrimination, racism and prejudices. To make it clear how much work there is still to be done to overcome these cultural barriers, this is what is told archetype of marginalization through a shrewd and witty language with a comic impact that, read in its deepest meaning, will surely make us reflect.

Milano – With Rafael Dido (guitar, voice, author), Max Pierini (guitars, double bass), Franco Rossi (cajon) e Giorgio Centamore (triangle, abstract dance).

For more info, contact the Teatro Bello on 347 2338514.

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Piperito show Fourbusters comedy music

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