from “no vax” to cigarette butts-

from “no vax” to cigarette butts-
from “no vax” to cigarette butts-

Dear Slaves,
I agree: the street is a bit like our second home, who would throw litter and cigarette butts on the carpet in the living room? Even in Milan, the good deeds and the little things go on: after the cleaning and cigarette collection intervention in mid-October in Corso Buenos Aires, on Saturday the coordination of the committees moves within the “borgh di scigulatt”, like the Milanese they called the neighborhood of the gardeners, now become chinatown, which encloses via Paolo Sarpi and its surroundings. The initiative will involve all the subjects present in the area, both Italian and Chinese in the various cultural, associative and commercial realities, and will have the support of Amsa who will provide material for the collection and distribute the “ashes” both for walking and for children. commercial businesses with bilingual letters. The meeting point will be the Chinese Cultural Center located halfway and it seems to me that the collaboration between the realities, with the intervention of volunteers, is an excellent signal for the institutions, the Municipality and the Tobacconist Federation (which in June through this column had expressed interest in promoting awareness-raising initiatives). Little or nothing concrete has been seen, perhaps because the stakeholders are waiting for the first step to be taken by the other and, as they say here, “it’s yours, it’s mine, it’s dead in Umbria “. Greta Thunberg instead would have said blah, blah, blah. In Italy there are already positive examples: in addition to the collection, there are also projects for the recycling of cigarette waste which remains the most widespread in the world, the abandonment of which is avoidable damage to the environment. On Saturday, those who want to give a signal for a more liveable and clean city are welcome.

Pietro Oldani

Dear Oldani,
we have always looked with admiration to the Milanese who are busy for their city or their neighborhood, but this time we do it with one more reason. Finally, Saturday is not only the scene for the ramshackle no vax protests that damage everyone and especially the traders, but it is an opportunity to see active citizenship at work. Thanks to the coordination of the committees, Fabiola Minoletti and Salvatore Crapanzano was born an alliance with Chinese associations that will lead the way to the sacrosanct battle (we hope) in Milan against cigarette butts thrown in the street. A peaceful message of collaboration with a practical gesture that should please those who govern: we are here for Milan …

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November 10, 2021 | 09:36



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