Draghi will remain in government. Then the razor to Carlo De Benedetti – Il Tempo

Draghi will remain in government. Then the razor to Carlo De Benedetti – Il Tempo
Draghi will remain in government. Then the razor to Carlo De Benedetti – Il Tempo

From the Quirinale match to the future of the government, from the relationship with Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in the “anomalous” coalition of the center-right to the management of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi takes stock with a long interview in the Giornale on Wednesday 10 November.

The Cav no longer suffers from the effects of Covid: “I feel good, I even went on a diet”. But the challenges of politics are on the table. Italy is growing, led by a government supported by a large coalition majority. But do we need a liberal turn? “As I have said several times, this government is obviously not a center-right government. Draghi is doing well and is obtaining excellent results, thanks to the willingness of all the political forces of the majority, including us, to accept compromises, to favor the unity of the nation in the face of the most serious post-war crisis. It is clear that a center-right government would put more emphasis on liberalization and tax cuts to return to create jobs and wealth. We will do it when the Italians return to entrust us with the leadership of However, I have nothing to blame for this government, which in the given circumstances is really doing everything possible, with good results, accepting many of our indications and our proposals “, says the leader of Forza Italia to the director Augusto Minzolini.

The next deadline is that of the election of the President of the Republic, which many would like to entrust to Mario Draghi. Not Berlusconi, “more and more” convinced that the premier must remain at Palazzo Chigi until 2023: “Interrupting the good work of the government while the recovery has just begun and the health emergency – although controlled thanks to the vaccine – is still current would be irresponsible. Italy needs everything except months of paralyzing political conflict “.

The name of the center-right for the Colle is precisely his, but Berlusconi does not address the issue directly. He does not want to talk about Quirinale as long as Sergio Mattarella remains in office. “But do you share the historical importance of an opportunity that can bring to the Colle a high personality not attributable to the left-wing area, such as those that have occurred in the last twenty years?”, Asks Minzolini who speaks of alternation also at the Colle . “I would not put it in these terms. Of course the center-right is able to express high-level candidacies for the Presidency of the Republic. But the Head of State must represent the Unity of the Nation beyond the sides. The moment he is elected all his belonging is missing. I would never consider President Mattarella, for example, as the expression of a political party. Einaudi, Saragat, Pertini were not, who like him also came from a history of active political commitment at high levels “.

On the center-right, the Cav talks about the anomaly of two parties in government and one in the opposition, which “will inevitably last until the elections of 2023, when we will present ourselves united”. On the political line of Forza Italia “I have not heard anyone propose different paths, which, moreover, do not exist. Another thing are small personal misunderstandings, completely normal in a large human community and perfectly resolvable with mutual respect and a constructive spirit”, says Berlusconi.

A passage of the long interview is dedicated to the historic “enemy” of Cav, Carlo De Benedetti, who in a TV hosted by Gruber said that with Berlusconi al Colle he would have returned his passport: “These are sentences that do not deserve any comment”, the reply of the former premier.

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