Mario Draghi had made a little thought to the Quirinale. That’s why we will feel bad – Time

Mario Draghi had made a little thought to the Quirinale. That’s why we will feel bad – Time
Mario Draghi had made a little thought to the Quirinale. That’s why we will feel bad – Time

Arnaldo Slim

November 10, 2021

The “corridor of lost steps” is a definition that recalls mystical scenarios. There are even those who glimpse Masonic references. The fact is, it finally reopens. After six hundred days or so, closing due to Covid. That luxurious corridor which, due to the ceiling recalling large ships, commonly takes the name of Transatlantic. That place represents an infinite series of anecdotes in Montecitorio. Much of Italian history has taken shape on those burgundy leather sofas. Between sensational agreements and disagreements. Between cigarette burns and twists at the buvette, always at the bottom right.

Draghi’s game
It reopens because there is a President of the Republic to be appointed shortly, and because politics must return to its job. Dialogue, mediate, agree. Sometimes even lying. Because Mattarella’s successor will probably not be Mario Draghi as he hoped instead. Because if it were an extension of the state of emergency, it would effectively nail the premier until 2023. Could the former ECB chief, with the PNRR still to be managed and in full emergency, give up the country? Of course not. Berlusconi said it very clearly: “Let him stay in Chigi and finish the job, we’ll see later.”

Yet Mario Draghi in his heart hoped for it at the beginning. The idea of ​​going up to the Quirinale gratified him. It would have been the culmination of an exemplary career. For this reason, it is said, he accepted Mattarella’s pressure for the toughest post, that of premier. But politics is a super partes world, you know. That needs peer accreditation. You have to be part of that world to understand its secrets. Back then, he still had to earn that climb. It is not enough that everyone in the world calls you “Supermario”. He had to “get his hands dirty.” Now, however, the scenarios have changed. The pandemic is not over and there are still many things to do.

What a nuisance these parties
A few days ago Draghi’s entourage leaked a sort of annoyance of the premier towards the parties. Management will be complex during the white semester. Having to deal with us every day is also hard for him and the decline in public approval, for the first time in ten months, annoys him a lot. He begins to think that not everything is that easy. That with these professionals of politics we must be on the alert. Because politics thrives on accreditation, it doesn’t matter where you come from.

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