Rome-Lido, traveling with the commuters of the inferno route

Rome-Lido, traveling with the commuters of the inferno route
Rome-Lido, traveling with the commuters of the inferno route

by Mario Ajello

Tomorrow is the D-day of chaos on the Rome-Lido, the line – hell, the most unlivable and disastrous section there is, with only 3 trains for 55 thousand commuters. They have already closed three stations, canceled many races and tomorrow the historic station of Piramide – Porta San Paolo, an architectural jewel built by the architect Piacentini in the 1920s is in turn abolished to lighten passenger traffic and in order to speed up the journey to Ostia. But the result in this great confusion will still be chaos, as all the commuters with whom we have spoken in these hours tell us going up and down on board the convoys-carnai. Many testimonies to the Messenger of young, elderly commuters already exhausted by the disservice of these years and especially of these last months illustrate the hell that awaits them and awaits many citizens of Rome and of the whole slope that leads up to Ostia due to the fact that from tomorrow the departure and arrival station will be Eur-Magliana and no longer Piramide. They told us that this means more difficulties to reach Rome, we will have to get off at Eur-Magliana and then make do with the subway already clogged up and which will be increasingly overloaded. Or rely on shuttles or make do with taxis or other means. In short, Ostia moves away. And in everyone’s words there is desperation for this situation which they describe as not worthy of a large metropolis. There is also the job alarm in this story: many fear that due to the delays with which they will arrive in Rome, since the trains are few and the waits are longer than half an hour, they will be late for work. There are those who say: “I’m afraid they will fire me”. The inefficiency on this now proverbial route will take on more and more the semblance of a scandal from tomorrow. But the hope of someone, of those who spoke with Il Messaggero is that from the end of January, when Cotral will manage this line, the situation will improve. But many others don’t even have that hope.

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RomeLido traveling commuters inferno route

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