An elder from Molise leaves his home in Rome and finds it occupied by the Roma: Ennio’s odyssey

His nightmare ended after 23 days. He, Ennio Di Lalla, 86 years old from Molise and resident in Rome, had left the house for a hospitalization and some Roma who had illegally settled in his apartment had taken advantage of that absence. The nightmare ended this morning, November 9, when the carabinieri entered the apartment and allowed Di Lalla to return. “On the night of the 13th, the Roma occupied – the man told – ​​I was not there I was with my brother after having done Egc and other tests in the hospital. I don’t know who could have passed on the information. In the building there are two other occupied apartments. The next day the administrator called me and told me that the tenants had heard strange noises at night. I went there to file a complaint after I realized that the key did not fit in the lock and the lock had been changed “. From that moment 23 days of nightmare have started. Four women had settled inside the apartment. When Di Lalla set foot in her house, he could hardly recognize her: cigarettes everywhere, the smell of dog pee, everything turned upside down. Now a nightmare has ended for Ennio but the stress of what he suffered, for him who suffers from heart, was a lot. (Photo above and in the gallery


elder Molise leaves home Rome finds occupied Roma Ennios odyssey

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