Third dose Lombardia: from 10 November vaccines also in pharmacies. Here’s where to get them

Third dose Lombardia: from 10 November vaccines also in pharmacies. Here’s where to get them
Third dose Lombardia: from 10 November vaccines also in pharmacies. Here’s where to get them

Milan, November 9, 2021 – The numbers of infections from Covid continue to awaken worry. The pandemic shows no signs of giving respite and so it becomes essential to impress an acceleration of the vaccination campaign, with the administration of the third booster dose. And precisely on this front from tomorrow, Wednesday 10 November, for i Lombard citizens it will be possible to receive the dose booster of the Covid vaccine even in the pharmacy. I am 365 the affiliated principals with the green cross which, to date, have confirmed availability and received the qualification at the end of the training cycle.

Third dose Covid vaccine: questions and answers

Dosi Pfizer

As per indications provided by Aifa, the Ministry of Health and the Region, the pharmacies will inoculate Comirnaty di Pfizer, which will be used as a booster dose for enhance the immune response body, regardless of the serum used for the primary vaccination cycle. It will start with those over 60 eligible and health professionals, provided that they have elapsed at least 6 months after the last dose received. The participation of community pharmacies in the anti-Covid prophylaxis campaign follows the test phase started last summer, with the agreement signed between the Region and Federfarma Lombardia, and is now getting to the heart of it by allowing an important expansion of the vaccination points in the area.

Frontline pharmacies

“For this third phase of the anti Covid vaccination campaign, local pharmacies take the field with the aim of facilitate access to prophylaxis and increase the vaccination coverage rate thanks to the capillarity of their network and the trusting relationship they have built over time with citizens ”, he says Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia. “The experimental phase we started in August with the Lombardy Region had involved 21 principals, making it possible to inoculate about 2,650 vaccines and concretely highlighting the popularity of the population. Now hundreds of pharmacists, in all provinces, have completed the training course: I am sure that even for the booster doses we will be able to vaccinate many Lombards thanks to the convenience and proximity of the service offered in the pharmacy “

How to book

To book the vaccination, in this case citizens will not have to register through the regional platform managed by Poste Italiane but contact the nearest participating pharmacy directly. Ua simplified procedure to facilitate the work of pharmacists but also the elderly population, who are less familiar with the internet and smartphones. Administering the booster dose will allow you to receive the Green pass valid for 12 months.

Where to get the third dose

The list of pharmacies adherents the vaccination campaign can be consulted on thewebsite and on the app of Federfarma Lombardia “Open Pharmacy”. The list it will also be published by the Ats on their institutional websites.

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