Anci Assembly, Mattarella against the squares No Vax: “They have caused a dangerous increase in infections”

Anci Assembly, Mattarella against the squares No Vax: “They have caused a dangerous increase in infections”
Anci Assembly, Mattarella against the squares No Vax: “They have caused a dangerous increase in infections”

From the Quirinale comes a harsh attack on the No Vax squares: “They have caused a dangerous increase in contagion”.

“In recent weeks, demonstrations not always authorized have tried to pass as a free manifestation of thought the attack brought, in some of our cities, to the free development of activities”, says Sergio Mattarella speaking in Parma at the Anci assembly. “Alongside the critical issues for public order, often with the ostentatious renunciation of personal protective equipment and the anticovid precautionary rules, they have caused a dangerous increase in contagion”.

The President argues: “Legitimate forms of dissent can never overwhelm the civic duty to protect the weakest: we must defeat the virus, not attack the tools that fight it. (Great applause from the hall). And in any case, acts of vandalism and violence are serious and inadmissible and arouse some concern, sometimes seeming to be portrayed as more or less conscious pieces of an intention that calls into question the very foundations of our coexistence “.

Anci Assembly, in Parma the mayors’ tribute to President Mattarella

The reference is to the protests, not always peaceful, that have taken place in recent weeks. In Trieste, the No Vax sit-ins have caused a surge in infections. The most violent action was the Forza Nuova assault on the CGIL headquarters in Rome on 9 October.

“The mayors, regardless of their affiliations, found themselves once again in the front row and were able to take sides in defense of the safety and health of their fellow citizens”, praised them Mattarella. “Their daily dedication has been decisive in dealing with the crisis that our country has had to face with the pandemic in the field, together with the commitment of health workers,” he added. “We have shown wisdom and will to recover. A great job has been done. But now it is necessary to prevent and counter the further, dangerous pitfalls, which come from the new infections”.

Shortly before the ANCI president Antonio De Caro had asked the Parliament, which is discussing the reform of the abuse of office, to “define more clearly the perimeter of our responsibilities. We do not ask for immunity, but can the mayors answer criminally for evaluations that are not attributable to their competences, answer for whatever happens in their city? “He said.” The mayors jump to the headlines only when they are registered in the register of suspects. It is a question of dignity “.

“Authoritative jurists argue that the abuse of office, due to its indeterminacy and its lack of precision in defining the punishable conduct, should even be canceled. We do not ask for this and we do not even believe that the question concerns only the mayors but all public administrators. But an effective antidote must be found to stop the phenomenon of the fear of signing and defensive bureaucracy “, continued the president of ANCI.

In this regard Mattarella said that “the recognition of the value of the role of the administrator is part of the dignity of democratic institutions. In this regard, Parliament is engaged in examining bills that include requests supported by the ANCI also on the issue of the responsibilities of local administrators “.

According to Mattarella, the future is given by an improvement of the social model, accelerating the ecological transition. The PNRR is an opportunity “to rethink models of life”. Then he expressed solidarity with the mayors threatened by crime.

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