“Pnrr great opportunity, no partial interests”

“Pnrr great opportunity, no partial interests”
“Pnrr great opportunity, no partial interests”

We cannot nullify the great opportunity that lies ahead of us. It is our priority. Partial interests are subordinated to it. The PNRR is a significant opportunity to redesign the country, for change, to reduce and eliminate the gaps between urban realities and rural areas, to enhance resources such as mountain ones, which have long been exposed to decline “. This was stated by the President of the Republic. , Sergio Mattarella, speaking in Parma at the opening of the Anci Assembly.

“It is a difficult challenge – continued the head of state – which forces us to rethink models of life, distribution and access to services, after decades in which the drive to save public resources has had a profound impact and not always achieving the objectives”.

“The reduced opportunities in internal areas represent a weakening of citizenship rights. This is also why mobility in a sustainable key and not limited to the connection between metropolitan areas only, the redevelopment of the suburbs, the optimization of the waste cycle, the spread of ultra-fast grids in inland areas such as in urban centers, digitalization processes, the energy transition up to zero emissions are issues – stated Mattarella – that make up the framework of a historical commitment to which we are called as a national community“.

“We cannot remove the cautions, because today we have before us unprecedented opportunities and potential, which have acquired characteristics of concreteness thanks also to European choices of high political value – said the President of the Republic – We must be able to transform opportunities into creations capable of improving our social model, of accelerating ecological and digital transitions, of offering the younger generations a society that is not compromised by unsustainable mortgages. After having been among the architects of resilience, now the Municipalities are called to assume no less important responsibilities in the National Recovery Plan“.

“Significant portions of the projects included in the Pnrr – highlighted the head of state – are assigned to municipalities and metropolitan cities. growth both in the ability to compete and in the exercise of rights “.

“When dealing with issues such as social and environmental sustainability, digital development, urban plans, measures for internal areas, implementations of tangible and intangible infrastructures, the Municipalities – Mattarella reiterated – must also be protagonists of a path in which innovation and equity are linked “.

NEW INFECTIONS – “We have shown wisdom and will to recover. A great job has been done. It is now necessary to prevent and counter the further, dangerous pitfalls, which come from the new infections. The time of responsibility is not yet over”, said the president of the Republic.

“Above all thanks to vaccines – and thanks to the sense of responsibility and respect for others and the rules manifested by almost all of our fellow citizens – we managed to overcome the most arduous curve, we have regained important spaces of normality, of freedom, and we are set out – recalled the head of state – on a new path where we can return to planning, building, operating for a better future even than what was before the appearance of the pandemic, as shown by the trend of our economy ” .

“The daily dedication of the mayors was decisive in dealing with the crisis that our country had to face with the pandemic on the field, together with the commitment of health workers. A difficult test, in many dramatic moments, which highlighted the ability of cohesion of our society. I would like, here, to express a memory and address a thought of gratitude to the local administrators who have lost their lives alongside their fellow citizens due to the virus“said the President of the Republic.

“The municipal institutions – the head of state recalled – have given answers to people and businesses, families and economic activities in trouble, and now they are accompanying them in the restart, having present ancient imbalances that have worsened and new fracture lines that have appeared “.

“The Municipalities have contributed to an overall response from the country, a response that has become increasingly convergent over the months. It was not taken for granted. Of this loyal collaboration it is right to acknowledge the mayors, the Anci. Solidarity has been demonstrated, as well as a civil value of primary magnitude, an essential force for progress “.

GREEN PASS – “In recent weeks, not always authorized demonstrations have tried to pass as a free manifestation of thought the attack brought, in some of our cities, to the free development of activities. Alongside the critical issues for public order, often with the ostentatious renunciation of personal protective equipment and the anticovid precautionary rules have caused a dangerous increase in the infection “said Mattarella.

“The mayors, regardless of their affiliations, found themselves once again in the front row – recalled the head of state – and were able to take sides in defense of the safety and health of their fellow citizens. Legitimate forms of dissent can never overwhelm the civic duty to protect the weakest: we must defeat the virus, not attack the tools that fight it“.

“And in any case – he underlined – acts of vandalism and violence are serious and inadmissible and give rise to some concern, sometimes seeming to be portrayed as more or less conscious pieces of an intention that calls into question the very foundations of our coexistence “.

“BASIC DEMOCRACY OF THE REPUBLIC” – “We must not be disoriented in the face of difficulties. We must not resign ourselves to what may appear indifference towards public affairs. We must recover the conscious involvement of citizens. And I would like to suggest caution in resorting to measures that seem to overcome difficulties momentary and which, however, would affect the models of democratic participation, accepting the reduction in level. Democracy is the basis of the life of the Republic: if it weakens in the life of the Municipalities – as at every institutional level – the whole of society is affected. Municipalities have always been decisive areas of the democratic life of our country and places of its growth “underlined Mattarella.

“The delicate and central role of mayors and administrators of each Region unfortunately sometimes attracts threats that, with alarming frequency, come from criminal and violent environments – said the President of the Republic – These threats to those who serve their community with commitment they constitute an attack on our democracy and must be severely opposed “.

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