Just 4 points won after the break, worse than Roma only Salernitana, Sampdoria and Cagliari

The Roma they have been among the worst teams in Serie A in terms of performance in the last five games, from the October break to the current one. Worse than the Giallorossi there are only Cagliari, Salerno e Sampdoria. There are just 4 points won in the championship, gained in the matches against Juventus (1-0 defeat), Naples (0-0), Cagliari (2-1 win), Milan (2-1 defeat) e Venezia (3-2 defeat). Regardless of the referee mistakes, despite Mourinho’s team having created and shot more than their opponents in these last matches, the results have not been in their favor. A decline that can be explained in part by the calendar that highlighted the limits of this team, by the referee errors already mentioned and by the fact that Mourinho has a short squad, in terms of quality, in his opinion.

In past seasons it coincided with the start of the new year. This season, however, the Giallorossi began to lose points after the October break. Exactly one year ago the team coached by Fonseca was in fourth place with 24 points, on par with Juventus and Napoli, while now they are in sixth place with 19 points (5 less).


points won break worse Roma Salernitana Sampdoria Cagliari

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