luminol 25 years later –

luminol 25 years later –
luminol 25 years later –
from Ferruccio Pinotti

New twist in the investigation into the murder of the 25-year-old secretary massacred in ’96 in the accountant’s office: analysis on the means of the former teacher now under investigation

New twist in the investigation into the murder of Nada Cella, the young 25-year-old secretary massacred in 1996 in the accountant’s office where she worked, in Chiavari. Nada Cella, originally from Santo Stefano D’Aveto (Genoa), was brutally killed in the office of Marco Soracco (investigated and acquitted at the time) on 6 May ’96 on the second floor of the condominium at number 14 in via Marsala. The secretariat was attacked with a blunt blow and left in a bloodbath by an unidentified assailant. This is also due to pollution at the crime scene and due to the lower effectiveness of the investigation tools available at the time.

Now, on the day of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the crime, the forensic police announce that will perform luminol and other technical analyzes on Annalucia Cecere’s moped
, the former teacher investigated for aggravated murder and suspected of having jealousy and hatred motives towards the victim. Annalucia Cecere’s scooter is now kept in a self-rescue in Cuneo after investigators from the Genoa mobile squad had kidnapped him this summer. The woman would take him from Chiavari to Boves, in the province of Cuneo, and kept him in a box.

The tenacity of the victim’s family

There also seem to be other new elements for reopening the case: some female and male DNA profiles found on the victim’s blouse and office chair, but also a papillary imprint. “They will be analyzed by special tools provided to the scientific police that we hope will allow us to get to have a name of the suspect”, he explains to the XIX century the chief prosecutor Francesco Cozzi. The case was technically never closed and found new impetus thanks to the stubbornness of the Cella family who appointed a criminologist who examined the case. Now it is up to the investigators of Mobile and forensics to try to give a face and a name to whoever killed Nada Cella.

The new elements of the investigation

In addition to Cecere, defended by the lawyer Giovanni Roffo, the accountant Marco Soracco and the elderly mother are under investigation. These two, defended by the lawyer Andrea Vernazza, are accused of making false statements to the prosecutor for having lied about the real relationship between the professional and the former teacher. The case was reopened by the determination of the criminologist Antonella Pesce Delfino, together with the lawyer Sabrina Franzone, who re-read the documents of the old investigation, discovering underestimated details. Among the elements not initially taken into consideration was the testimony of a woman who said she had seen, on the morning of the crime, Cecere under Soracco’s study as she was going away on her scooter.

The motive

For the investigators, coordinated by the prosecutor Francesco Pinto and the substitute Gabriella Dotto, on the vehicle there could therefore still be possible traces in the event that the former teacher had killed Cella. According to the investigators, Cecere would have killed out of jealousy towards Soracco, who would have had an interest instead for the secretary, and to take his job. Among the items being examined there are also some buttons found at the time in the suspect’s house, identical to one found under the body of the secretary. Cecere, now 53 years old, declared: «You can give me the DNA, make the checks you want, I have nothing to do with that girl. I have nothing to hide”.

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