Mother and son flee to Panama with an unpaid pension of 75,000 euros

It is not the first time this has happened: the relative dies but the family decides not to communicate the death to INPS to continue collecting the pension. But this time the protagonists, caught in the act, decide to run away and flee to Central America, to Panama to be precise. The widow, now 82 years old, originally from Morrovalle and resident in Vallesina, in the province of Ancona, is now in danger of ending up on trial for fraud against the State in competition with her 60-year-old son.

A pension of over 5 thousand euros per month – Both in fact, according to the Ancona Public Prosecutor’s Office, which opened an investigation file after a complaint made by the social security institution, would have failed to register the death of the relative by appropriating 14 months and a half that were not due to them. Mother and son today are no longer in Italy: pocketed almost 75 thousand euros, they would have fled to Panama. The woman became a widow in June 2013. Her husband was the holder of two pensions, one for work that guaranteed him just over 4,700 euros per month and one for civil disability which made him have 508 euros per month. The money, more than 5 thousand euros a month, arrived on time, in the current account that the spouses had in common, in a post office in Jesi. After the opening of the file, the Public Prosecutor asked for the trial for both of them, but the first hearing was resolved in a few minutes since the judge, Francesca De Palma, postponed everything to February 21 to allow Interpol to notify the documents. to the defendants, given that to date there is no evidence that they are aware of a proceeding against them.


Mother son flee Panama unpaid pension euros

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