Cagliari, coca and hashish for the nightlife: 11 arrests and 20 suspects

Cagliari, coca and hashish for the nightlife: 11 arrests and 20 suspects
Cagliari, coca and hashish for the nightlife: 11 arrests and 20 suspects

The six men, believed to be at the top of the organization specializing in drug dealing, destroyed at dawn by the carabinieri, ended up in prison while the six main collaborators are under house arrest. But in the blitz that took place in Cagliari and in other municipalities in the hinterland, another twenty people were involved, under investigation on the loose: the military also carried out searches in their homes.

At the top of the group, as reconstructed in the investigations of the carabinieri of the provincial investigative nucleus of Cagliari coordinated by the prosecutor Gaetano Porcu, therefore there were six people. The wiretapping and stalking made it possible to reconstruct numerous episodes of drug dealing especially in the historic center of the city and in particular in Castello. As required by the order signed by the investigating judge Giorgio Altieri, Stefano Pandolfi (31 years of Pirri), Alberto Partolino (37, also of Pirri), Manolo Puddu (38, of Quartu), Fabrizio Serra (51, of Quartu), Francesco Pinna (33, from San Michele) and Fabrizio Virdis (43, from Gonnesa).

Under house arrest Ferdinando Belfiori (29 years old, residing in via Bacaredda), Andrea Boi (32, from Pirri), Gian Filippo Masala (33, Quartiere del Sole), Mariano Bruni (26, residing in Torre degli Ulivi) and Roberto Coiana (25 , by Selargius). The prosecutor had also asked for precautionary measures for Giovanni Battista Pinna (36 years from Tuvumannu), Pierpaolo Serci (34, from Sant’Elia) and Francesco Vadilonga (39, from Capoterra) but they were arrested in the act of crime, during the investigation , between May and December 2019 and the judge found that there were no conditions for the application of the measure.

The group, according to the accusations, has brought a lot of drugs (cocaine, hashish and marijuana) to Cagliari by managing a thriving market especially in the summer of 2019: substances sold in particular in the nightlife areas of the city, in particular in the Castello district. But sales in the hinterland have also been reconstructed, confirming that the various groups involved in the investigation managed to place several kilos of drugs.

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