truck sinks into the asphalt in via della Rotonda

A truck sunk in a huge chasm. It happens a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, in the historic center, in front of hundreds of tourists and Romans, where a heavy vehicle engaged in some maintenance work has sunk into a large hole opened under the rear wheels of the truck. The request for intervention around 12:30 today, Monday 8 November, while a copious rain was falling on the capital.

On the spot to ascertain the incident, the agents of the Central Group (ex Trevi) of the Local Police of Roma Capitale. Nobody was hurt. The intervention of Acea’s technicians was required due to a water leakage from the place where the chasm opened.

The subsidence of the road surface occurred during the refurbishment of the cobblestone pavement contracted by the I Municipio, due to the breakage of an Acea pipe which produced a disruption of the ground, with subsequent sinking of the truck inside the area. of construction site. The councilor for Public Works and Infrastructures of the Municipality of Rome, Ornella Segnini, then went to the place, declaring in a press release: “The vehicle – as the Assessor was able to verify – has already been removed, pending the intervention of the Acea team. Tomorrow morning – concludes Segnini – the Simu of the Public Works Department will perform a further check on the status of the works“.


truck sinks asphalt della Rotonda

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