Hottest city in the world, Italy and Europe

Hottest city in the world, Italy and Europe
Hottest city in the world, Italy and Europe

The hottest city in the world, and the others that keep her company in this torrid ranking, is far from the common imagination of a holiday in the tropics: no mild temperatures or light breezes, but a lot of heat and hot days.

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Places that, although fascinating, become inhospitable especially in summer, when the mercury column effortlessly exceeds forty degrees reaching well over fifty.

The hottest city in the world, Italy and Europe

Very high temperatures that are a direct consequence of climate change: see the case of Syracuse which, in August 2021, recorded the highest European temperature ever.

Never before had such a heat wave occurred in Italy. A sad record, therefore, which is nothing more than the litmus test of how the climate is increasingly subject to extreme phenomena.

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The hottest cities in the world: the ranking

To determine which are the ten hottest cities in the world, it was decided to consider those locations that have reached the highest heat peaks. It is not, therefore, the ranking of Hottest countries in the world for average temperature, but rather unique events of their kind that have affected places already known in themselves for being very hot.

Such as the Furnace Creek, the hottest city in the world: its record of having reached the highest temperature ever, certainly influenced by its position in the torrid Death Valley.

What are the hottest cities in the world?

The heat can be relative, because there is much more to it than the crazed mercury columns. Think of the perceived temperature or the surface temperature, or the highest minimum temperature ever recorded. Relevant points of view from which to observe the matter: from Furnace Creek, in Death Valley, to Bandar Mahshahr in Iran which holds the record for the highest perceived temperature ever recorded, the list of cities and places on Earth where the heat is hellish.

• Furnace Creek, Death Valley
• Mitribah, Kuwait
• Bassora, Iraq
• Turbat, Pakistan
• Ouargla, Algeria
• Syracuse, Italy
• Aziziyah, Libya
• Quriyat, Oman
• Dasht-e Lut, Iran
• Mahshahr City, Iran

Browse the gallery CLICKING HERE to discover the highest temperatures reached in the hottest cities in the world and discover all the curiosities about these hot, inhospitable and yet so fascinating places …


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