in the Jury Pozzetto and Moratti

in the Jury Pozzetto and Moratti
in the Jury Pozzetto and Moratti

A few weeks after the reopening of the Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan, the director of the theater Matteo Forte has organized an initiative that directly involves the Milanese. Citizens will be able to send their own thoughts which, if voted by the Jury also composed of Massimo Moratti and Renato Pozzetto, can become the new slogan of the Opera. Here’s how to do it.

The countdown for the highly anticipated reopening in the city of the Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan has started. The path that will lead to the inauguration, scheduled for the end of 2021, will be enriched by the “message-symbol” that represents the importance of what for the Milanese has been and will return to being, after more than twenty years, a point of city ​​reference.

The Teatro Lirico di Milano reopens, the Milanese choose the slogan

Thus, the director of the theater Matteo Forte organized a virtual event giving everyone the opportunity to send their own slogan, “an exclamation, a thought, a snapshot able to represent the past, present and future of one of the points of reference of the Milanese culture “. Judging the proposals arrived, which already count 1,500 mailings, Forte explains “it will be a jury of excellence” made up of Milanese excellences who bring the like of Ornella Vanoni, Katia Follesa, Dalia Gabershik, Massimo Moratti, Paolo Jannacci and Renato Pozzetto. The Milanese will therefore be able to be protagonists in view of the reopening of the Lirico with a personal touch.

How to submit your slogan

Anyone can send their proposal by accessing the website, the website of the Municipality of Milan or that of the Giorgio Gaber Opera House. Once you reach the web page, you will need to click on the banner “Choose the slogan of the Opera” and send your message. You have until the end of November. The director Forte was satisfied with the participation and said: “We hope that these 1,500 messages that have arrived can become many more”. For this reason he reiterated the invitation to “all those who will be pleased to participate in the initiative”.


Jury Pozzetto Moratti

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