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Here are the best pizzerias by the slice in Rome. The sliced ​​pizza is a typical Roman specialty. Here is the whole list of pizzerias by the slice in Rome, the best are them.

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The capital is dotted with pizzerias (franchises and not) that sell these large rectangles of pizza to eat around. The pizza is usually cooked in a large rectangular pan, hence the goatee (in Rome it is called) the size for the customer, of the size he prefers.

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The history of this dish dates back to the late 1950s, when the phenomenon of pizza in the pan as we know it today began to spread in the capital. It was the most innovative artisans who started, looking for a bigger profit and an intelligent way to recover the leftover doughs.

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In this article we list only a few, of what we think they are the best pizzerias by the slice in Rome, but there are an infinity of them and they are all capable of satisfying the Roman customer and beyond.

  • Pizzarium Bonci (Via della Meloria, 43) launch pad for the brand “Bonci” place and cult of quality. Famous chef who entered our homes with the “Test of the cook”. What about his pizza by the slice? An infinite specialty, there are various interesting flavors, but the one that leaves us amazed is the white focaccia stuffed with chicory and porchetta.
  • Ancient Roscioli oven (Via dei Chiavari, 34) – A Roman institution, with a family that began at the beginning of the seventies with bread and has become with the brothers Pierluigi and Alessandro the reference point for quality pizza by the slice. Their is famous ‘pizza e mortazza’ (white pizza stuffed with mortadella), a must of the Capitoline gastronomy.
  • Electric furnace Pediments (Via Ostiense, 387) – Historic bakery in via Ostiense, renewed in taste (gourmet), but faithful to the very high quality of its products. Pizza and bread, dough a 72 ore natural leavening, organic flours and mother yeast. To signal the white pizza with sesame and mortadella.
  • From Giustina (viale della Primavera, 703) the pizzeria From Giustina exists since 1986, in viale Primavera near Piazza delle Gardenie is a reference point for the centocelle district. The pizzeria is completely managed and organized by Alberta, Giustina’s niece who inherited the family business. The concept of pizza by Giustina is completely overturned, in fact it is not a traditionally understood slice of pizza but of mini round pizzas which are made express to order. In short, those who try them never leave them.
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