Germany, incidence of infections never so high. In Saxony and Bavaria there is a squeeze: pass only for vaccinated and cured. The government prepares new measures: clash over the return to free tampons

Germany, incidence of infections never so high. In Saxony and Bavaria there is a squeeze: pass only for vaccinated and cured. The government prepares new measures: clash over the return to free tampons
Germany, incidence of infections never so high. In Saxony and Bavaria there is a squeeze: pass only for vaccinated and cured. The government prepares new measures: clash over the return to free tampons

The weekly incidence of new Covid infections still rises Germany and Monday morning touches 201,1: a record since the start of the pandemic. Though 33 dead in 24 hours could appear proportionally few, the data is shocking because it is expected that in the coming weeks the number of patients in intensive care can double. Already now there are approx 2,500 hospitalized for Covid in Germany, where the Indian variant dominates Delta B.1.617.2. For the president of general practitioners, Andreas Gassen, in the coming months all the unvaccinated, which are still the 30% of the population, si ammaleranno.

2G: the green pass alone for vaccinated or recovered
In Saxony the situation is among the most serious, the incidence has risen to 491,3 and from today the rule of access to all occasions of public life has come into force only to vaccinated and cured (the so-called rule 2G). The Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping (Spd) has foreseen control teams of the public order and health offices accompanied by the police. Measures accepted by the majority but not popular: at the weekend a Leipzig about a thousand protesters (against three thousand announced) remained involved in scuffles with the police. There is talk of 600 administrative offenses, a hospitalized policeman in the hospital, 500 people arrested, 300 removed, to which must be added 24 arrests of “Querdenker” extremists made before the demonstration.

Alarm also in Bavaria, the weekly incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants recorded since Robert Koch Institute rose to 316,2 and the number of admissions for Covid in intensive care has dramatically risen to an altitude 609. Number that triggers the red light (expected with the achievement of the threshold of 600): from Tuesday the rule 2G. The governor Markus Söder on the other hand, he would like the rule to be introduced all over the country, as well as that the 3G in the workplace.

In Thuringia things are little better, the incidence has grown to 427,5 and from today in all schools the obligation to test and the mask in class has started. The Thuringian Ministry of Health would like to apply the 3G + rules (the only valid buffer is that molecular) throughout the gastronomy sector, but many municipalities intend to stay on 3G (vaccinated, cured, tested). The governor Bodo Ramelow, three days ago, had indicated that they may no longer be admitted to cure in hospitals the unvaccinated if the number of hospitalizations were to rise again. Doctor Christoph Spinner of the Clinic On the right the Isar from Munich in an interview with Bavarian radio on the other hand he warned that in addition to fully vaccinated over eighty, who have not yet received a recall and whose immune system no longer guarantees a sufficient response, intensive care is filled with unvaccinated patients in their thirties which need to be intubated.

The situation also worsens in Brandenburg where the index rose to 232,5 and for the new ordinance in force until the end of the month launched by the semaphore coalition (Spd, Verdi and Fdp) in the government of the Land i restaurateurs they can opt for the rule 2G, while 3G is mandatory. The fraction leader of the SPD Daniel Keller he said he was in favor of introducing 2G throughout the Land following the example of Saxony. TO Berlin even if the incidence of 194,5 it is still slightly below the national average hospitals are close to collapse and the mayor Michael Garbager (Spd) has already aired that it could switch to 2G. So far, restaurateurs can decide whether to apply 3G or 2G.

The return to free tampons for all
The virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit however, does not believe in the absolute efficacy of limiting access to only vaccinated and cured, because even if very low there is always the possibility that even a vaccinated healthy carrier of the infection and declared to the Deutschlandfunk that the only way is to go back to mass testing for all, not vaccinated as vaccinated. Even the parties of the newly constituted government majority – Spd, Verdi and Fdp – do not believe that we can think about the introduction of 2G throughout the national territory, but they are planning to present a law proposal that establishes the obligation for the whole of Germany daily tests for all, vaccinated or not, in hospices e nursing homes, as already established in several Länder. In this they follow in part the invitation of the Federal Order of Physicians, the Federal Medical Association, which asks that you return to the free tampons for everyone. The new package of rules should also include the obligation of general practitioners to write to their patients older (not given by time of age) inviting them to recall of the anti-Covid vaccine.

There is no unanimity however and the new governor of North Rhine Westphalia Hendrik Wüst (CDU) insists that tests should be made free only for the recovered and vaccinated. It is not fair – this is his reasoning – that the majority of vaccinated people support gods costs for those who, even if they can, voluntarily refuse to be immunized. What happens in the neighbor Austria, where with the transition to 2G the code to get the vaccine, he would agree with him. On the other hand, its Bavarian counterpart Markus Söder instead welcomes the reintroduction of free tests that would accompany the modification of the standards on the confidentiality of data personal to allow a faster and more precise picture of the situation. Be the outgoing Minister of Health Jens Spahn that the chancellor still in office Angela Merkel, through the mouth of the spokesman Steffen Seibert, let it be known that in coordination with the parties that intend to form the new government, one is likely course correction with the reintroduction of Corona citizen tests, free tampons for all.

Alarm on several fronts
With the rage of the fourth wave, voices are also raised in favor of the introduction ofmandatory vaccine, hitherto always excluded. The German Association of Doctors Marburg Federation has openly taken a stand for an obligation, at least for all the staff he works in hospices, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. There is also alarm from the German association of teachers for the increase of students affected by Covid. The obligation to wear a mask a lesson, already arranged in various Länder, should in their opinion be extended to the whole country. Although in most cases the children have a light course, the president of the Robert Koch Institute, professor Lothar Wieler, already last week warned that cases of long-covid in minors. The atmosphere around the Covid theme heats up and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung this weekend he reported a climate of threats a medici offering vaccinations by No Vax.

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