Case Sara Pedri, the former head of gynecology of Trento fired

The former head of gynecology of the Trento hospital was dismissed, investigated for mistreatment in relation to the disappearance of Sara Pedri


While investigations into the disappearance of Sara Pedri, the 32-year-old gynecologist from Forlì, of whom nothing is known since 4 March, news emerges from theTrento hospital where he worked. The provincial health company has the dismissal of the former primary has been made official of the gynecology and obstetrics department of Santa Chiara, Saverio Tateo.

In September the investigation into the alleged cases of bullying and mistreatment in the gynecology department of the Trentino hospital, which began after the Sara Pedri case broke out, who disappeared last March immediately after being transferred from the hospital in Trento to that of Cles from which she had discharged 24 hours before the disappearance.

The inspectors sent by the ministry and the Nas carabinieri had brought to light a series of cases of bullying and ill-treatment in the ward, a “reign of terror” established by Tateo in which the 32-year-old and thirteen other doctors and nurses had been living for some time.

An unsustainable working climate which, according to investigators, could have contributed to inducing Sara Pedri to commit suicide.

The now former primary Saverio Tateo and his deputy, Liliana Mereu, under investigation for ill-treatment by the Trento prosecutor’s office, they had been transferred to other structures outside the region.

In September, the hospital commission closed the investigation into the case, asking to terminate the employment relationship with Tateo. Now, after the favorable opinion expressed by the Committee of Guarantors, the official dismissal of the former head physician has arrived on the part of the health care company.

Virgil News | 08-11-2021 13:45

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Case Sara Pedri gynecology Trento fired

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