Prodi rolls Mattarella and Draghi from the Hill

Prodi rolls Mattarella and Draghi from the Hill
Prodi rolls Mattarella and Draghi from the Hill

The professor wins and tries to saw the legs of Mario Draghi and Sergio Mattarella in the race to the Colle.

Romano Prodi “owl” against the premier “when you vote by secret ballot, there are always many surprises”, rejects the Mattarella bis “a president of the Republic is elected for seven years”.

The Professor, net of the denials, does not give up the dream (shattered by the 101 franc shooters in 2013) of conquering the Quirinale. And try to eliminate the most feared competitors: Sergio Mattarella and Mario Draghi.

The former leader of the Olive tree promotes himself, plays the last card for the climb to the Colle. Now or never. The desperate race starts. He is even ready for a pact with the devil (Massimo D’Alema): «D’Alema is right, for me it was a cumulative mistake over time to put China and Russia together. Putin once told me I will never sell a cubic meter of gas to China, now he has gas pipelines ”, he explains to Il caffè della Domenica on Radio 24. Prodi praises D’Alema? Quirinal miracles.

Dispense words with honey for everyone: Pd, M5S, Forza Italia. Except for those who could block the way to the presidency of the Republic. The number one danger is Mario Draghi: “He will have to decide whether his contribution to the country is better as Prime Minister or have the authority of the President of the Republic for seven years, it is not a simple alternative, it is a beautiful alternative, he cannot than to decide Draghi. Then, when you vote with the secret ballot, the surprises are always many, I am the greatest expert ». The professor hopes for a parliamentary trip. But it is unlikely that Draghi will be a candidate to be elected from the fourth ballot onwards. There are no such risks. Prodi resigns himself. The second obstacle is the Mattarella bis: the hypothesis that is taking shape right in the ranks of the Democratic Party, the party that should focus on the former leader of the Ulivo. Here then comes the stop: “A president of the Republic is elected for seven years, then if he thinks of leaving after a year or accepts with this hidden thought it is certainly not unconstitutional, but the vote elects the president of the Republic for seven years . Then it can last even a day if one resigns the next day, this has nothing to do with the need to respect the Constitution, which says seven years and amen ”. Angry response with which he discharges all the anger towards his political side. That short of winning candidates would be oriented to push on Mattarella’s re-election.

Prodi puts his foot down: he wants to be the candidate (including the flag) of the Giallorossi. But he never misses an opportunity to beat the political forces on electoral reform: «A proportional electoral system with a 5 percent barrier and constructive distrust? With this Parliament certainly not ». The center-left camp is very crowded. Many aspirants. But the chances of winning are few. The first option, already vanished, was that of Paolo Gentiloni. Then there is Walter Veltroni, who has been silent in recent times. But Prodi throws a tantrum. Gnaw and owl. Plant the grits. After all flop it is rightfully his.


Prodi rolls Mattarella Draghi Hill

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