today will be a ‘black Monday’ also in the province of Imperia for the garbage workers strike –

It outlines a black monday for waste collection and urban hygiene in the province of Imperia. The workers of the environmental sector adhering to CGIL, Cisl, Uithe Fiadel in fact, they cross their arms for the whole day. The national issue concerns the non-renewal of the contract.

After the breakdown of the negotiations, the unions that defend the workers in the sector of ecological operators have therefore decided to call a national strike. “We foresee -dice Antonello Sangiovanni (Cgil Public function) massive membership. There is an attack on the national contract on important issues such as extreme flexibility on the organization of work through the timetable system, the downsizing of the industrial relations system to deprive workers of representation and participation within the company, the desire to precarious employment relationships especially for part-time workers, the proposal to totally eliminate the maximum limit of part-time workers in the company, the lack of recognition of the professionalism of the workers employed in the plants. A real deregulation of the sector is underway that we want to block. Not to be underestimated, then, the recent legislative innovations introduced by the government which provide that in-house companies such as Amaie have to contract out part of the orders.”.

The minimum services will be guaranteed, which concern collection from schools, hospitals, prison houses.

We cannot allow – reads in flyer disseminated by trade unions – that the protections for male and female workers, the system of industrial relations and trade union representation are questioned, that contractual instruments are not shared to improve conditions and workloads, but that the precariousness and exploitation of male and female workers is desired as the only model to compete”.

For trade unions, the conclusion of the contractual renewal cannot ignore objectives such as a national collective agreement for a single supply chain, broadening the scope of recycling plants, strengthening industrial relations through a more participatory system of workers, evolution of working conditions to protect the health of operators, development of labor market regulations, development of continuous training processes, harmonious improvement of the classification of personnel, improvement of contractual articles relating to plant workers, economic agreement that does not take into account only inflation percentages and that it develops more the contractual welfare and the various allowances.


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