The degree courses of the university, a reference point for E-Learning, are underway

Recent technological developments and their application in the school environment for educational use, have contributed to defining new ways of using lessons and of approaching teaching, transforming the‘class – the heart of learning – from physical space to virtual space.

Didactic flexibility and teaching quality

If it is undeniable that the pandemic has accelerated this process of digitization teaching – leading to widespread use of online teaching andE-Learning -, it is equally true that some companies had already understood the extraordinary potential of technology and the convenience of distance learning for some time.

L’Guglielmo Marconi University, for example, it was the first university – recognized by MIUR in 2004 – in the national academic panorama to offer its students a model of didactics a distance, thus managing to offer university training to all those who, for one reason or another, had great difficulty in physically reaching the classrooms.

This ingenious intuition was then courageously carried on by Unimarconi which over the years has continuously invested in technological infrastructures, creating an educational paradigm of Digital E-Learning, cutting-edge and extremely flexible, so as to always adapt to the needs of a constantly changing world.

The excellence of the model set up by the University of Guglielmo Marconi is certified by the inclusion of the institute among the first 25 top performer worldwide in the categories of the ranking system Multirank per International Joint Publications, Open Access Publications e Regional Joint Publications.

It is therefore no coincidence that Unimarconi is now chosen by over 80,000 students: partly due to the extremely flexible approach to the study, partly due to the high level of didactic quality, partly for the many services that the University offers to students to facilitate their training – three-year and master’s degree courses, masters, refresher courses for professionals and much more – such asorientation upon enrollment, continuous tutoring while attending courses and support to enter the world of work in post-graduate studies.

Student services

In addition to the headquarters in Rome, Unimarconi has poles, information structures and examination centers spread throughout the country. Clearly, the secretariats and student service centers – where you can request information both for guidance and for the support of tutors – are accessible both in the presence and at distance via the web.

In fact, with MyUnimarconi – the reserved area dedicated to students – users can smartly access all services offered by the university, from administrative to more strictly educational ones such as tutoring.

Not only that: thanks to specific tracking and orientation functions, the platform allows users to constantly monitor the educational activities in progress and at the same time offers solutions functional and modeled on the specific needs of each students.

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