Clarissa, Ettore, Jorge and the other young talents of the Accademia della Scala (which will go to Dubai) –

L’Accademia della Scala a forge of dreams and talents. A forge that turns twenty (on the 19th as part of BookCity the book by Fabio Sartorelli 20 years of the Academy will be presented. Two hundred years of history) and that in 16 days he will perform at Expo Dubai for the National Day of Italy. Because in addition to making it grow, the Academy itself has grown, now the protagonist of a season with dozens of shows including concerts, recitals, operas and ballets (in December 12 concert in Scala and at the Piccolo Lo Nutcracker). Two years ago Diana Bracco (whose foundation founding member of the Academy) invited to an Academy show the commissioner of the Italian Pavilion Paolo Glisenti, who was captivated by it and wanted it in Dubai. Where they will also sing Clarissa Costanzo and Ettore Chi Hoon Lee, protagonists on Monday evening with a dozen other students of the institutional concert in Scala which concludes their career in the Academy (diploma awarded by the Scaligero superintendent Dominique Meyer).

Clarissa Costanzo accompanied by the orchestra of the Scala school in the aria Pace, pace mio Dio from Verdi’s The Force of Destiny. I performed for the first time when I was ten, with a Whitney Houston song, my idol like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. I am shy and the separation of my parents has exacerbated the difficulty in expressing myself, singing has helped me to look inside and communicate with others. He began studying opera at the age of 19, but I immediately wanted to aim for the maximum: I had already done some works, such as “L’amico Fritz” in Piacenza with Nucci, but I wanted to improve and I tried the adventure in the Academy. I remember the excitement of going up on the stage of the Scala for the final: there were boys crying, seized by panic and anxiety.

Anxiety that gripped even the Korean Chi Hoon Lee, interpreter of Ei flee! .. Lina thought that an angel from Verdi’s Stiffelio: I don’t remember anything about the final, I was very tense, but I must not have sung badly, since they took me … Rossini advised me, but I chose “Cortigiani vil damned race ”because Rigoletto is my favorite work. Lee calls himself Ettore in honor of the great baritone Ettore Bastianini. I was a tenor, but in the two years of compulsory military service I put my voice under enormous stress singing at parades and events officers, I got sick, I was badly treated and so on I became a bass-baritone. The Cuban baritone needed care Jorge Martinez, which opens the evening with Vien Leonora at your feet from Donizetti’s favorite: When the pandemic exploded I got sick: I thought of Covid, it was a serious form of leukemia. I did it – thanks also to a young donor – and I made my dream come true: at the age of 17 I wrote on a piece of paper “I want to go to the Accademia della Scala”! My father was a baritone, but I fell in love with opera listening to a Bruson recording; and when, for La Traviata in December 2018 where I was Flora’s servant, I found myself next to Nucci….

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