There was a pact with the politicians

There was a pact with the politicians
There was a pact with the politicians

In the minutes of Vittorio Zoccola, the ras of the cooperatives, the accusations against Vincenzo De Luca: “He and his son Roberto were my contacts”. The pact between cooperatives and politicians hypothesized by the prosecutors provided for contracts in exchange for the vote: “De Luca told me to make Picarone vote 30% and Savastano 70%”. The proximity between some cooperatives and the president also emerged: “He removed Stanzione as deputy mayor because he had not communicated his decisions to him”.

The president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca is under investigation for complicity in corruption. The notice of extension of the investigation was sent to him on Friday. This is the day on which he holds his weekly monologue urbi et orbi via social media from the headquarters of the civil engineering department of Salerno, transformed into De Luca’s office since the beginning of the pandemic by Covid. But in his monologue there is no trace of the guarantee notice, arrived from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salerno which investigates the relations between the cooperatives that manage the public works of the Municipality of Salerno and politics. Who is it who told about the functioning of the power system that would seem to revolve around Vincenzo De Luca is Fiorenzo “Vittorio” Zoccola, in his very long minutes before the Attorney General Giuseppe Borrelli and prosecutors Elena Cosentino and Guglielmo Valenti. What emerges from these minutes is a proven system at the center of which there is only and exclusively Vincenzo De Luca.

The electoral pact: “De Luca said, the votes 30% in Picarone and 70% in Savastano”

Zoccola is collaborating with the magistrates and explained in the minutes how the power system would work. Land cooperatives bring the votes for the elections, such as the regional elections of 2020, the politicians for their part guarantee the cooperatives the continuity of work on the contracts of the Municipality of Salerno. According to Zoccola, it would be a real exchange. Zoccola specifies that the individual presidents of the cooperatives, which until 2020 were united in the “Salerno Solidarity” consortium, had their own political references, but it was he who guaranteed, in his relationship with Vincenzo De Luca, what he defines “balance” or a modus operandi that would not dissatisfy any cooperative with respect to contracts and respond to the wishes of the governor on the distribution of votes. He says he talked to roberto de luca (not investigated) e Giovanni Savastano, regional councilor currently under house arrest in the same investigation, of the need to publish the announcements of the Municipality of Salerno to guarantee the work of the cooperatives, but it was then Vincenzo De Luca who defined the distribution of votes. “I met De Luca in June 2020 at Rione Petrosino on the occasion of an inauguration of the road link – says Zoccola in the minutes – he told me to give the votes for 30% to Picarone and 70% to Savastano. De Luca signaled to me that he had talked to the Mayor and that everything was fine, referring to the request I had made to speed up the approval of the resolution for tenders.“. The two have always been linked to Vincenzo De Luca, Franco Picarone (not investigated) was elected in the “Campania Libera” list at the regional council where he sits for the second time, Savastano, also with “Campania Libera”, entered the regional council for the first time in the 2020 election being the subject of the investigation, after having held the role of councilor for social policies of the Municipality of Salerno. Zoccola in the minutes says that he had available for the regional elections about 1000 votes that had to be distributed according to the indications of Vincenzo De Luca and that he himself communicated to all the cooperatives how the governor had decided that the individual cooperatives had to divide the packages of votes. In the answers given by Savastano during his interrogation with the magistrates, the regional councilor denies the existence of any pact with Zoccola, but in one step, specify that: “I never asked Zoccola for votes, perhaps she received directions from someone else to help me out“. Impossible not to imagine that that” someone else “could be the president of the Campania Region.

The deputy mayor torpedoed for a rudeness: “De Luca manages the Municipality”

It is a river in full Zoccola, whose break with the Salerno power system took place before the arrest, immediately after the regional elections, as he himself says: “They took out my brother from a contract, from that moment I closed the relationship and I moved towards the center-right“. The deep throat of the Salerno investigation also tells how, according to him, the links between the individual cooperatives and the politicians worked, beyond the role that Zoccola himself played as a” balancer “. Each cooperative had its contact persons in the municipality, his were exclusively the De Luca: “My references were Vincenzo De Luca and Roberto De Luca, but Piero no, there was no affinity with him“. The cooperatives of which Zoccola was deus ex machina are the” SSS “and the” Third Dimension “. His relationship with the president of the Campania Region began in 1989 when he held the role of secretary of the PCI and first intertwined relations with his father and then with him In the division of the influences exerted on the individual cooperatives, Zoccola says that the Socofasa coop, which manages some contracted services for the Municipality of Salerno, reports directly to Vincenzo De Luca. “The president of Socofasa, Alfredo Rispoli, is close to Vincenzo Stanzione and Vincenzo De Luca“he says in the minutes. And he tells an incredible detail that would have led to the torpedoing of Vincenzo Stanzione from the position of deputy mayor of the Municipality of Salerno by the will of De Luca.”Stanzione was removed from deputy mayor precisely because he had Rispoli in the Torrione district of extremely urgent work, without first talking about it with De Luca who was on vacation. De Luca was angry simply because Stanzione had not communicated his decisions to him earlier“. The recruitments for the work to be carried out on behalf of the Municipality of Salerno were also conveyed by politics, as Zoccola explains:”The names of the disadvantaged people to be employed in the works were indicated to us by the municipal councilors of Salerno, including Mimmo Ventura“. The ras of the coop then indulges in a series of considerations on”mistakes made by De Luca“in the management of the Municipality of Salerno, which would be according to him”was left in the hands of Piero De Luca and his magic circle, which includes Enzo Luciano, Angelo Caramanno and Pietro Loffredo“. Reading the minutes, the impression is that the investigation is far from over and that after the registration of Vincenzo De Luca in the register of suspects, much more could emerge, both from the depositions of the suspects and from the work of the magistrates led by Giuseppe Borrelli.

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