Aulla, 26, stabbed at the exit of a disco-pub-

Aulla, 26, stabbed at the exit of a disco-pub-
Aulla, 26, stabbed at the exit of a disco-pub-
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Tonight, around 4 am, a boy was stabbed and transported to the hospital in Massa. Not in danger of life, the Pontremoli carabinieri are trying to reconstruct the facts

Stabbed at the exit of the disco: happened tonight, around 4, to a 26-year-old boy who was outside the Paprika disco-pub in Aulla, in the province of Massa-Carrarra. The young man was wounded with a stabbed weapon and had to be transported to the new Apuane hospital in Massa. thankfully not life threatening. The white cross of Aulla intervened on the spot with the automedica and the police, in particular the carabinieri of Pontremoli, who are now trying to reconstruct the facts.

We are trying to collect all the useful elements to find out exactly what happened and who was responsible. The investigative activities are underway and there will certainly be news in the coming days. We have collected numerous testimonies also because there were so many people outside the club. It is not exactly a disco, but a disco-pub. To speak the lieutenant Carlo Stopponi of the carabinieri of the company of Pontremoli, in the province of Massa-Carrara, who coordinates the investigations. The boy, whose nationality I cannot disclose at the moment, is not in danger of life. The stab hit him in the side.

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