Goodbye to internships and the state exam: these are the professions for which the qualifying degree will be enough to work

In the beginning, due to the Covid emergency and the strong demand for professionals, the first to see the professional qualification process eliminated and the abolition of the State Exam were the medical students, with article 102 of the Cura decree. Italy of the Conte II government. But the simplification process in the system of access to professions drawn up by the former Minister of the University, Gaetano Manfredi, has undergone a radical acceleration thanks to the reform measures indicated in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) to facilitate entry into the world of work for young professionals. The new law, definitively approved by the Senate last October 28, provides for the abolition of post-graduate internships and the professionalizing state exam for some specific faculties, thus shortening the time between the completion of studies and the effective integration into the labor market. The law will be applied “starting from the academic year following the one in progress at the date of adoption”. Furthermore, the new rules will be valid not only for legally recognized state and non-state universities, but also for telematic universities.

The new rules for becoming a dentist, pharmacist, veterinarian and psychologist

The law provides that the final exam for the achievement of single-cycle master’s degrees in dentistry and dental prostheses (class LM-46), in pharmacy and industrial pharmacy (class LM-13), in veterinary medicine (class LM-42) and in psychology (class LM-51) directly qualify for the exercise of their respective professions. The provision envisages that the qualification path for these courses will be replaced by the achievement of “at least 30 university training credits”, acquired with “carrying out a practical-evaluation internship within the study courses”.

The news for chemists, physicists and biologists

Still in the scientific field, also the professions of chemist, physicist and biologist can be practiced directly after having obtained the respective qualifying degree. For these professions it will be required “to carry out a practical-evaluation internship within the courses and to pass a practical evaluation test”.

Professional degrees in the technical sector

But the institution of qualifying and professionalizing degrees is also foreseen for other university courses, including that in technical professions for construction and the territory (class LP-01), agricultural, food and forestry technical professions (class LP-02) , and industrial and information technical professions (class LP-03).


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Goodbye internships state exam professions qualifying degree work

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