Tajani: “Here’s what will happen without Draghi at Palazzo Chigi”

Tajani: “Here’s what will happen without Draghi at Palazzo Chigi”
Tajani: “Here’s what will happen without Draghi at Palazzo Chigi”

There are still several months left until the election of the successor of Sergio Mattarella but in the palaces they are already working in a low voice to find the next president of the Republic. The names that circulate are different but, as history teaches, usually those that are made in the previous months almost never reach the final rush. The name of Mario Draghi bounces from mouth to mouth but the current Prime Minister will not easily reach the Quirinale in this election round. To underline the need for Draghi to remain in Palazzo Chigi is also Antonio Tajani, vice president and single national coordinator of Forza Italia.

Mario Draghi remains in his place, without him the government would fall: no one today, except Draghi, is able to lead an executive of National unity“, reiterated Tajani interviewed by Corriere della Sera. A concept also expressed during an interview with Sky, in which the second from Forza Italia explained: “We must reach the end of the legislature to complete the action that began with the birth of the Draghi government, when the homeland was in danger. The war is not over yet“. His line, which is that of Silvio Berlusconi and the party, highlights the importance of not breaking up a government that is running the country through ups and downs in a complex moment of economic and social crisis in the post-pandemic.

The ideal for Antonio Tajani would be that, at the Colle, he would get there Silvio Berlusconi. For the leader of Forza Italia it would be the crowning glory of his political career. “Berlusconi has what it takes to go to the Quirinale but he has not applied. It is my dream to become president and the fact that today he is spoken of as a fully on the field tells us how important his leadership, his presence, is in Italian politics.“, said the coordinator of Forza Italia.

On the Quirinale front, however, we still play with hole cards. The parties do not want to expose themselves and work behind the scenes to prepare the best possible candidacy. Antonio Tajani, during the interview with Corriere della Sera, he reassured: “The center right it will have its own candidate, but today it is really premature to talk about it“. The coalition will work together towards this goal and, in this regard, when asked about relations with the League, Antonio Tajani replied, once again extinguishing all external controversies:”It is useless to keep asking the League to undergo exams, as we do in Italy. We expect opportune choices from Salvini, but it is a fact that neither he nor Meloni speak more of Italexit or show themselves to be Eurosceptic or undemocratic. Then it is true that we at FI are in a different position: we are the center of the center-right, which aims to recover consensus in the non-voting and to grow. We are the force that has the strongest link with Brussels and Washington, we are the guarantee of Europeanism and Atlanticism of the center right“.


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