a dead man between Colleferro and Valmontone

One dead and two wounded. This is the balance of a double accident on the A1 motorway (here the news on frosinonetoday), in the section between Valmontone and Colleferro. Two distinct accidents occurred on different carriageways.

The first accident occurred in the direction of Frosinone. It was triggered by a truck whose tire literally exploded; a breakdown that transformed the heavy vehicle into a dangerous crazy splinter that hit a car. Both the driver of the car and that of the car were injured in the impact.

A few minutes after the second accident, at the same height, but in the opposite lane. The protagonists here too were a truck and a car: the latter practically ended up under the heavy vehicle which, according to what we learn, would have suddenly slowed down. The point of the accident and the positions of the vehicles, suggests – but it is a very first summary reconstruction – that the cause of the collision may have been a sudden slowdown due to the curiosity to understand what had happened in the opposite lane.

The identity of the victim for whom there was nothing to do is still unknown: the helicopter rescue also landed on the spot but the injuries were too serious. On the spot the agents of the traffic police of southern Rome, the firefighters of Colleferro and the staff of Autostrade.

Heavy repercussions on the traffic with Autostrade which this morning advised to “exit at Valmontone and re-enter the motorway at Colleferro after traveling along the Strada Statale 6 Casilina. On site there are Autostrade per l’Italia personnel and all emergency vehicles including the traffic police “.


dead man Colleferro Valmontone

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